Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chilly update

It's still cold.  These ain't normal temps for my area.  Brr.

Larry and I ventured out late yesterday afternoon for the grocery.  Very treacherous.  Large sections of our main neighborhood road suitable for sledding.  Leaving the subdivision, I skidded all over the road.  But the main roads were passable - once you got to them.  We got our little supplies and got home with no problem.

I have to go out today with Curly, two scheduled appointments.  One to check his contacts and another (and this one is quite a drive) to see his psychiatrist.  Curly still thinks he can drive in this - and I'm NOT letting him.  I grew up in the mountains and know how to drive in ice and snow, so I'm not afraid of my abilities.  But the other drivers scare me.  (Curly scares me....)

I have a confession to make.  I collect something.  Not Tatting. A silly something.

I collect Pez.  I have a lot. 

This isn't all of them.  I need more stands - I have at least 100 Pez containers I haven't put up there.

I don't know how I got started with Pez.  They're funny and cheap.  I see them and I get them. 

It's a sickness.

I don't try and collect vintage ones - only what's current.  And I don't try and sell them or keep them MIB (Mint In Bag). 

I don't get every type of Pez that's out there.  For example, I have no Garfield or Teenage Mutant Minja Turtle Pez, because I hate them.  I just get the ones I like.  The sillier, the better.  And I love the Star Wars ones.

The really wierd part?  I hate Pez candy.  I mean, it is foul and nasty stuff.

An aside - Larry and Curly were horsing around just a minute ago with FOOD.  Curly picked up one of the crappy sliced fake-cheese slices, the kind in individual packages.  He was flinging it like a frisbee.  It went about 30 feet!  Larry was cracking up.  Those boys.....

Stay warm...


  1. OMG!! LOL! Thanks for the HUGE chuckle!

    I LOVE the Star Wars ones.... My son is an aficionado of SW and would love those characters - even in PEZ mode!

    I didn't realize these were still being made! What an unusual object to collect.

    Intersting what one learns about folks on a tatting blog!
    ♥ Fox : )

  2. It is not a sickness. It is a hobby. I know because I collect Boyds Bears and Steiff (Plush and Resin). I even have a room for all of them. It can get sometimes crazy but it is fun. My daughter, April had a friend sleepover last night and they can get wound up too. It gets a bit crazy here too. Have a great day and be safe out there. Snow is still coming in PA.

  3. Your pez collection is impressive! I used to collect tins. I probably have 200 or more of every size, shape, color, old, new, etc.... I love them but I had to quit collecting them because of space. most of them are in boxes in a closet right now. Some are displayed above my cabinets in my kitchen. The plan was to swap them out each season when we first moved here nearly 8 years ago. I have not swapped them out even once.

  4. What is a pez?
    Still can relate to your terrible weather, its still below freezing in England and some of the roads are sheets of ice. Stay safe.

  5. Pez dispensers are little plastic things that contain some nasty candy, called pez. But there are a zillion types of dispensers - check out sites like Many people collect Pez dispensers.

  6. Well if I ever see any in this part of the world will be sure to reserve them for you!

  7. Okay - this is funny! I sent this page to my son, because of my comment and your Star Wars Pez.... thought he'd get a laugh.

    Well, more than a laugh; I was visiting with him today and he gave me something just for you!! I need your address!!

    My e-mail is located on my blog.
    Fox : )

  8. Hey, Crazy Mom! I mean it - I need your address! What am I supposed to do with this nutty-looking Pez thing!
    My address is on my profile page of my blog.
    Fox : )