Sunday, January 10, 2010

TIAS - Day Three

For all you non-tatters, TIAS is a little fun game dreamed up by master tatter Jane Eberol.  TIAS means "Tat It And See".  We don't know what we're tatting.  Everyday Jane gives more instructions.  Which we tat up.  And we guess what it might be.

So far, this is what I have at Day Three.  The loose thread is my required third color, shown just for fun.

I have no idea what this is.  The fringed thing could be a horse's mane.  What is it, Jane?

It's still cold.  I was interested in this article in the NY Times detailing why it was cold here in the US.  (Maybe why it's so cold in Europe too.)  Seems there's a giant high pressure mass sitting over Greenland, making the cold go farther south than normal.  It's warmer than usual at the North Pole.

And - amusing to me, in my warped way - one reason we have such a bad time in Atlanta when we have snow and ice is the lack of snow equipment for roads.  Guess how many sand trucks are available for use by the city of Atlanta?

I'm waiting.  Just guess.

(I'm singing the Jeopardy song here.)


There are exact four, count 'em, four sand trucks in current use by the city of Atlanta.  No lie.  Check it out here. Quoting from the article:
Atlanta's Public Works Department has four "sand" trucks -- the other four in the fleet have "equipment issues" -- two flatbed trucks plus pickups "as needed to spread sand and salt."
See why it's bad here? 

Life in the Deep South isn't always so sunny!

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  1. A horse's mane? Interesting idea. Probably a fish's tail or a peacock's tail? Could be a snowman's scarf like Martha suggested. I'm beginning to wonder what it is myself!!!
    Interesting article - least the snow's melting here at the moment!!!