Monday, January 11, 2010

And it's STILL cold

The urchins have no school again today.  Dammit.  Why?

Because the side roads are still for shit.  Here, a prime example, in my own neighborhood.

This is the main drag in my subdivision.  It snowed Thursday night.  This picture was taken late Sunday evening, after most things had melted.  This section of road is still suitable for sledding.

Moe actually has been sledding quite a bit on this section.  It's a perfect section of icy road to sled on, because the road bottoms out where the parking lot starts on the left, giving plenty of room for deceleration on the ice.  Unfortunately, Moe decided to show off while sledding.  He stood up on a sled, like he was surfing.  The fun didn't last long, and he took a tumble.  (He's not seriously hurt.  Stupidity doesn't always leave a mark.)

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the salt mines I go....

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  1. It's the same here. It's supposed to get to 36 today, though and in the 50s later in the week. I saw a weather map that shows snow again this weekend! If it would really really snow, I wouldn't mind it so much.