Monday, January 11, 2010

In which I am random

Now I digress.  Because the cold is going to my head.

I need some of these stickers.  They would help me.  And this too.

This is really me.  For real.  And I really believe this.

Recognize me?  This could  be what the Stooges see in the morning if they drive me too crazy....

Hmmm.  This has potential.  Love her expression.  Love the sweater too.

BTW - I found a REALLY hilarious blog yesterday.  This one is what a guy says while he's talking in his sleep.  Really - his wife tapes it.  Be warned that as he is sleep talking, he is not inhibited about his language.  But OH MY it is funny.  Here's a quote: "I can't control the kittens. Too many whiskers! Too many whiskers!" Or "I love the fact you're a moose. Yes. So soft, so soft."

And for more (and potential) fun, go see LadyShuttleMaker.  She's having another Mondo Monday Giveaway.  This time, it's WorkBasket magazines, which have those nifty patterns in them. Maybe a sweater pattern like that Cruel one above. Trit trot over there and enter!


  1. I can't function till I had my morning cuppa tea!!!!! But I aslo love the sweater..

  2. ROTFL!! That's soooooooo me! Which one? Take your pick!! My husband tells people, "Not a morning person doesn't EVEN describe my wife!"

  3. Your post gave me just what I needed today, a laugh! Thanks!