Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Curly gives me a laugh, an evil laugh

Last week the high school principal calls me at work, saying that on the last day of school in December, Curly was seen (by the principal) using his cell phone during school hours, a big no-no.  The standard procedure is to have the phone taken up by the school and have it held in the office until a parent picks it up.  The kid then gets some sort of punishment, which varies depending on how often this has happened before.  Curly has had his phone taken up a number of times this year.  So the principal asked Curly to hand over the phone.  And Curly politely declined.


And the principal has now handed out 5 days of ISS (In School Suspension), which would have started Monday (a snow day).  Fine.  I apologized for Curly's bad behavior. and went on.  Curly had punishment at home.

Yesterday I got a call from a school system phone number.  I hate those calls.  I know I'm not going to be happy.

The call was not from a teacher or an administrator, but from Curly.  He still had his cell phone, so why was he calling on this line?  Curly said sheepishly, "Um Mom, um, could you ask um Dad if he could um pick up my um phone from the um school office? Please?"  Hmm.  I knew Curly to be in ISS, which is a big, 100% no cell phone zone, so he must have been BAD.  "I'll ask your dad, but I make no promises."

Called DH, who was NOT HAPPY.  The phone may stay in the school office.

Ten minutes later, a second call from within the school system (the calls have the same prefix, so I know to dread them).  This time, it's the high school principal.  With Curly in his office.  Mr. Principal informed me that he went to lunch and saw the kids in ISS all sitting together.  The ISS rules are - no talking, no phones, no interacting with others.  Including during lunch.

Curly was sitting with the rest of the ISS group, but covered in his coat.  He had it draped over the front of him, with his head sticking out.  He could look down into the coat.  And he was texting to beat the band.  Mr. Principal spied this action and quietly stood in front of Curly.

Curly looked up and made a "sad puppy-dog face" (per Mr. Principal).  He was caught.  And his phone was taken up.

(FYI - Curly's girlfriend graduated at the end of December, so she is free to receive texts anytime.)

When the principal told me about this, I couldn't help but laugh.  I mean, it's so stupid.  It's like going to jail for doing drugs, then getting caught in jail doing the same drugs!

So this time, his school punishment is big.  Three days of out of school suspension.

Even bigger - his home punishment.  Because I am fixing his texting problem. 

(Curly, like many teens, texts 5 to 7 thousand messages a month.  I am not making this up.)

I am permanently blocking texting from his cell phone.  His phone may be used for phone calls and phone calls alone.  HA!  Curly is sooooo unhappy.  He's begging to pay me for the texting rights, I'll do anything Mom, don't do this.  Too bad, Curly.  You do the crime, you do the time.


Texting is now blocked.  Hee. 

And now for a little humor.  Have you seen this site?  I don't shop at this place - I avoid it like the plague.  And now I see that I might wet myself laughing at the customers.  How can they do that?

Also - DH brought me home three of these little things, thinking they were Pez.  They're not.  And these things are creepy!  The tongue moves on the snowman - euw!

Go to do TIAS day 4 at lunch.


  1. Wow, I guess that is what I have to look forward to with my 11 yr. old. I am in no hurry to get her a cell phone and she is really trying hard to get one. Have fun tatting during your lunch.

  2. I confess to having the same texting problem when I was younger but I grew out of it...

    lol At least your hubby TRIED to get you a pez - it's the thought that counts right? lol i'm sure we've all received the wrong 'right' presents. And the worst part is they look so pleased when they present it to you!

  3. Well at least he's persistent!! You know he could be doing some really bad stuff like using drugs, carrying a gun, etc.... I understand the school's rules about cell phones. But, I would not be too concerned. I think you are doing the right thing by blocking the texting on his phone. Good Momma!!!!