Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sky shots and more

Red sky at night, sailor's delight

(Taken Monday going home, warming up out of the cold.)

Red sky at morning, sailors take warning

Taken in my neighborhood about 7:20 am today

And in front of Moe's school.

I think it's going to be warmer, but with rain on the way.  I hope I will not have to Take Warning.

Curly is giving me sad puppy eyes about texting.  I was able to call my cell phone company and have them block text and data transmission from his phone.  Curly is sad.  DH is making him work at home.  So sad.

I have completed Day Four of TIAS.  What is it?  Wish I knew.

And I'm about to be an aunt again.  My brother's wife is in labor at this moment with their first child, a girl.  My mom can hardly contain herself, she's so excited.  My brother is 44.  And he sayd they want to have two children - better hurry!


  1. Gorgeous sky shots!!! Your tatting just kills me!!!!

  2. There's probably a reason that I don't have children...Just for fun tell Moe that you've signed him up for a more traditional messenging service. Then give him paper, a typewritter (which he's probably never seen before), envelopes and some stamps.

  3. My brother became a father for the first time at age 41. He says, "my daughters aren't dating until I'm in a nursing home." Someone always chimes in with "that can be arranged!"