Saturday, January 2, 2010


And today I had my last morning of sleeping late.  Monday I go back to the evil grind.  Ugh.

We have things to do around the house.  Christmas must be put away.  The outside decorations are down, now it's time to take decorations off the tree and inside the house and store everything until next year.

So we have been cleaning.  The vacuum and cleaning rags are out and in use.

Unfortunately, there has been a casualty whilst cleaning.

Yes, it's my big toe.  Specifically, my right toe nail.  Larry was moving furniture back after vacuuming, and the leather sofa in our family room was accidentally jammed into my toe nail, riping it from the nail bed.  And there was blood.  Owie.  It bled for some little while, too.

Pretty, huh?  I love the purple hue under my lovely nail polish.  I think I will lose the entire toe nail. 

My toe is now wrapped in guaze.  Larry put his EMT training to use in dressing my poor first right distal phlanax digit.

(FYI - long middle toes run in my family.  My brother's wife is pregnant - and the long middle toe has already been seen on the ultrasound.)

Now I must hobble off and get my ocular orbits examined for correction.  It's that time of years - and I be blind.


  1. OMG that looks painful and its making me have a shiver OMG I hope it feels better soon but the way it looks I can imagine it will be later than sooner YIKES
    Try to have a good day

  2. Owie Wowie!!! My teeth are on edge looking at your poor toe! I did something similar about a year ago, but only pulled it up halfway off the nail bed. Mine was able to grow out, but it looked just LOVELY... so sorry! Hoping that your ocular orbit exam goes well at least so you can get a good look at it... and other non-stomach-turning things as well...
    :) Ann

  3. YIKES - that hurts just to look at it. Guess you can't kiss it better?!?!? I'll be thinking of you on Monday.

  4. Ouch! But, I have heard that this type of injury is advantageous to tatters. Delivered under cover of darkness or leather sofas by the tatting toe fairy, it blesses the tatter with new and amazing tatting skills, never before enjoyed by the recipient.....

    I'll be watching to

    Fox : ))

  5. Ouch is right!!! I cringed when I saw the photo. Yep housework can be dangerous. That's why I'm here at the computer instead of upstairs where I promised myself I would be today. I was so lazy all last week. I told myself that I'd get to work on Monday and it is Monday, right?