Monday, January 4, 2010

The weather outside is frightful...

Ya'll, it's cold.

I live in Hotlanta.  Where it's really hot most of the time.  But damn.  It's colder 'n' a witch's t.....

See what I mean?  The normal low this time of year is about 34 F.  This is the South, Darlin'. This ain't nachrul.

When I went to church yesterday, it was really cold.  There had been a problem with the wiring and the heat had been off for days.  So it was figid.  The choir members were wearing their coats under their black robes..

Today it was 16 degrees F this morning.  The wind chill made it fell like 6.  Brrrr.

I'm not taking the train in this week - it's way too cold to be standing on those train platforms and wait.  (Especially with a hurt tow.) But there was big ice on the downtown connector.  They shut it down to spread sand on it.  Slow going.  Took forever to get in.

My office was cold too.  This was a day I was glad NOT to have a window office.

Not much in the way of tatting done.  But a good thing happened today.  We have homes for all the puppies!  Yup, all of them have been promised out and all but one are in their new homes.  The last little girl will go tomorrow.

Now I'm going to burrow under the covers in my bedroom, the coldest room in the house.  Reminds me of those scenes in the cottage in Dr. Zhivago.  At least I have DH to curl up with.  He's no Omar Sharif, but he's here and warm and snuggly.

The boys go back to school Wednesday.  Can't wait!  But it may snow Thursday night.  Can wait!


  1. CRIPES, lass, you'd never survive here!!! Can't remember when it was last above freezing for more than an hour or two midday!!! You southerners are made of sterner stuff - come on, pull on the winter woollies and DO look after that poor toe!!!!

  2. Hmmmm. I am TRYING to be sympathetic, but I am WAY too cold. up here in Canada! LOL! Fox : ))

  3. That not cold in the midwest right now we would consider that a heat wave. -14 right now we may make it to 9 today. I hope it warms up soon there. IA is as far north as I want to go.

  4. Ah, up here in PA, weather is between 17 and 20. It stinks to high heaven. Try to keep warm.