Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What I did on my Christmas vacation

  • Slept in almost every day.  Ahh.
  • Ate Christmas cookies that folks brought to us.  Nom nom nom.
  • Wrapped a buncha presents, opened a few.
  • Ate lots of Christmas ham and sweet potato cassarole.  Nom nom nom.
  • Visited my mom, my sisters, and one sister's family in South Carolina.
  • Ate yummy eggplant parmesan and then cheesecake with Mom and the sibs.  Nom nom nom.
  • Skipped church on December 27th - slept in.
  • Got Curly drug tested.  He thinks drugs stay in his system for 2 days.  I think not.  (Results on Saturday.) 
  • Worked on writing up some of my tatting patterns.
  • Did NOT send Christmas cards.  Sent a Christmas email instead. (Hey, it's better than nothing!)
  • Fussed at my mother for hanging out on her mountain in the snow so long she got stuck up there. (She sent pictures of bear tracks in the snow on her front and back porches, next to her footprints.) Offered her our guest room, which she declined.
  • Ate all kinds of candy.  Nom nom nom.
  • Watched a bunch of DVDs - 3:10 to Yuma, Star Trek, There Will Be Blood, Harold and Maude.  The Stooges were not aware of Harold and Maude.  Larry loved it.
  • Did NOT start my book club book, due soon.
  • Beat the Stooges into submission and made them help clean the house, several times.  Faster, slaves!
  • Saw Avatar in 3-D with Larry and Moe - lots of fun and really beautiful.
  • Ate more cookies, candy, sammiches, whatever there was.  Nom nom nom.
  • Did NOT clean off my desk or clean out my office.  Still a mess.  Whee!
  • Called my mom after she finally got down off the mountain.  At one point, her car was stuck at the end of her steep driveway, right next to the mailbox.
  • Called my daddy's Favorite Cousin and thanked her for letting Mom stay with her.  Whew.
  • Got my eyes examined and ordered glasses.  Curly and Moe did the same.
  • Busted my toe.
  • Made it to church on Sunday and felt better for it, in spite of the lack of heat in the building.
  • Decided that going back on my diet might be a good thing.  Right after I eat these last Christmas candies....
  • Did NOT win the lottery.  This meant that vacation would end.  Damn.

And yesterday, I went back to work.  *sigh*

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  1. What a Christmas Vacation. a lot of nom nom nom going on. Sounds like that here.
    I went to work yesterday. My knee surgery went well, now comes the therapy. Not looking forward to it. Yuck!
    Keep that whip cracking, LOL. I only have one and she thinks she doesn't have to do much. It can drive one crazy. Have a great day!