Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Cross pattern

I've shared my sweet and simple bookmark with you.  Now meet its cousin, the cross.

This is my favorite quick and easy cross pattern.  It's so simple to make, just rings and chains.  I've made a ton of these over the years.  And it looks great in either variegated or plain thread.

I wrote the pattern to be plain or frilly.  The cross on the left is done in Lizbeth size 20, the one on the right is in DMC Perle 8.  I keep the variegated one in my Bible.  I've made a lot of these as gifts for folks who are having a hard time.

Get the pattern here - enjoy!

In other news, it's cold here in Hotlanta, but no Snowmageddon for us.  We've had our little dabble of snow for the year.  It's just cold and windy.

Here's the sunrise Monday morning.  Love the purple strip of clouds in the first picture, and the red sun in the second.

My week has been a bit rough.  Curly has been doing some self distructive things and is currently on a one week suspension from school - the phone issue again.  DH and I are pretty angry with him.  Of course this is a week that DH is out of town again, so I'm dealing with this alone.  Poor Larry has been waiting on a national crime report from the FBI so that he can get his state.EMT license.  He called the FBI and they have lost all his info, so he will have to start over on this.  And things are very tense at work, layoff imminent.

Makes me want to be a cat and sleep all day and hide from everything.

Hope your week is going well...


  1. Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the Handcraft category today (look for timestamp: [14 Feb 01:00pm GMT]).

  2. these are so pretty! I have one a friend gave me that I also keep in my bible....I can remember when I was a little girl in school one year for Christmas someone's mom came in and for a craft we tatted a snowflake ornament. I still have that! I am gonna look at your pattern and see if I can do this :)

  3. your tatting is beautiful! I cannot shuttle tat:( however I do needle tat.. inspired by your work!

    God bless!