Monday, February 15, 2010

Seen and Searched

Loved what I could see of the opening ceremony for the Vancouver  Olympics.  Especially loved the whale images - spouting and swimming - and the very cool prairie grass ballet done to Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now".  I missed k.d. lang singing one of my favorite Leonard Cohen songs, "Hallelujah", but found this great clip here.  Curly enjoyed this clip, though he was (of course) totally ignorant of the existence of Ms. lang.  He declared that she is not an alto, but a tenor.  I beg to differ.  (I'm an alto - and I can hit many lower and higher notes than most tenors.)  Anyhow, watch k d long - it's worth it.

Was on the train the other day when it was invaded by a ton of cheerleaders, evidently going to a competition.  They were SO ditzy.  I swear, that stupid white & leopard bow in their hair (worn like this, on top of their heads) sucked what little brain cells they had right out of their heads.  OMG they were silly.  Made me a little glad I only have boys.

Can't someone help this girl find appropriate clothing?

Interesting use for titanium replacement body parts reported here in the first story.  (I had to call a friend & share, it was so funny.)

Sometimes I need more ketchup.  And I like to sing the song
I'm wanting to buy the loom to make this.  Ooooo - want.

And I've been singing this all day - don't know why.

The snow is gone.  But it was pretty at chez Crazy while it lasted.

I almost forgot - Lady Shuttlemaker is having another giveaway - go see!


  1. Great post! (But they always are.)

    Love Prairie Home Companion (I only recently started listening to it.) And now I will retire to bed with the song "Ketchup" playing in my head.

  2. The opening ceremonies were unbelievable. I sat up and watched the whole thing! The music, dancing, graphic images, etc..... loved it. I would love to be there in person!
    Brittany, Brittany, Brittany, will she never learn?

  3. The Pajama Game is a great movie! ALL of the songs are contagious and will play in your head...
    :) Ann

  4. Oooohh. Pretty House.

    There's something about Estrogen Energy in teen girls. We used to call my daughter and her best friend, the Giggle Twins.

    One time my daughter asked "how do you know if something is too trashy to wear?" Her older brother said "look in the mirror. If you look like Britney, it's inappropriate"