Friday, February 12, 2010

The White Stuff

White stuff is coming down.

and some more

and some more

and more

and still more.

A cardinal flew onto the back porch and left his mark.

(Now I know what you in the hinterlands are saying - rookie!  But we don't get snow often, so it's a real novelty.)

The Stooges were out of school today.  I did go into the office, but left very early.  And now we are all snug at home.

I like snow.

And just for Jane, our bluebirds!


  1. It really is pretty! It's really weird that we got snow and Maryville, Knoxville and north of them didn't! love it. We're supposed to get more on Sun and Mon too!

  2. I can see the bluebird. THANKS. How cute.

  3. Gosh the weather has been weird, we are like you hardly ever get snow and yet is has been freezing cold now for months. Roll on Summer. The bluebird looks lovely, a bit of brightness in such a dreary time of year. Keep warm.