Friday, February 26, 2010

Some Progress

I'm liking my MIUAYGA earrings.

Don't you?  I'm diggin' them.

And I took some advice and am a little better at my hairpin lace practice.  Far from perfect, but much better.

No, I'm not doing an afghan in this suede red yarn.  But it's good to practice with.

Watching the Olympics, loving short track speed skating.  It's more like roller derby and kind of fun to watch.  Being a Southerner we have zero exposure to these sports on a regular basis.  And wow!  Apolo Ohno got disqualified in the 500 m final - weird!

Elana Meyers, a bobsledder who went to Moe's middle school, won a bronze this week.  Her picture was all over the school and the kids were really excited.  And good for her!  She's working on her Master's degree and is a great inspiration to the kids.

I wonder what color yarn I should get for the hairpin lace afghan?  I'm thinking earth tones.....

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