Thursday, February 25, 2010

More of same

Things are ok here at the House o' Crazy.

See?  Cisco is lounging and looks daffy.  He wants me to pet him.  DH hates when Cisco gets on the table.  But I don't mind.  He's my boy.

He lurves me.

I got DH and Curly and me all together with Curly's therapist and actually had a good session yesterday.  DH is very suspicious of counselors and doctors when it comes to psychotherapy.  But things went well and I feel a bit more hopeful, if just for a moment.  I'll take it.

Curly has been complaining of back pain for some time.  Today I took him to the orthopod to get him checked out.  They made him wear these funny paper shorts to get x-rays.

Fortunately, nothing evil showed on the x-rays.  He's been given some meds and was prescribed some PT.  He'll be ok.

(DH's friend Bubba say this picture and laughed, saying that the picture was missing the prisoner ID number on Curly's shirt.  Hee.)

I saw this post recently on the Wee Folks Art blog and need to do this.

Gorgeous.  Want.  There are directions on the Wee Folk Art blog.

I ordered a hairpin lace loom and got it today. I'm excited! I have this desire to make that afghan.  Or maybe incorporate hairpin lace in tatting.  So I got started with some sample yarn.

Somehow I'm not doing it right.

Their version.  Pretty.  Even.  Nice.  Will be a beautiful afghan.

My version. Ugly. Sumpin wrong here.  Looks like my yarn vomited on itself.  I think I need more practice.

Maybe the Wee Folk Art folks will send their gnomes over to teach me.  Or maybe I'll wake up and some gnomes will have gifted me with a gorgeous hairpin lace afghan and the know-how to do it.

A girl can dream, can't she?

PS - am digging my navy & silver MIUAYGA earrings


  1. I inherited my grandmother's box of knitting needles. There was a gadget in there that looks like the needles in your picture, but they were connected, like a big, upside down U shape. I never knew what they were for.

    At first, I thought your cat's name was Crisco! I thought, "hmmm, that would be appropriate if he was all white!"

  2. I came down with a case of hairpin lace fever last spring and just had to learn how to do it! I learned from this video clip: has a pretty good tutorial, too. There is a HPL shawl pattern on that site that I am just dying to do. One day....

    Glad things are going a bit smoother with Curly. Can I have your cat?

  3. Don't get frustrated. It really is mind numbing easy once you get the hang of it. Few comments. First, getting your original knot tied in the center, then making sure you keep those first few stitches nice and tight in the center are the most important. There is a tendency to let the center crocheting gravitate to the sides. Then, I highly suggest using a light colored yard to practice in. It is too hard to see your stitches with the dark yarns. Once you know what you are doing, no problem, but for comparing your work to the tutorials, easy with light yarn. Finally, you have your loom set smaller than mine, so your ratio of "crochet" vs. "loop" will make your project look different. Again, for learning purposes, you might want to set your loom to the largest setting so you can compare it to the tutorial.

    Hang in there. Anyone with the patience to tat will be able to master this technique. One day I will learn how to tat... and I'm sure it is going to take a ton of practice :)

  4. I love the cat! Mine likes to sit on our kitchen counter which drives us batty. I fixed her a spot in the corner next to the sink so she can get a drink. I have a tall pitcher full of water in the sink just for her. I don't give her water in a bowl on the floor anymore, because she plays in it and gets water all over the floor and makes a mess!!! She is so spoiled but she is 19 yrs. old, or will be in a week!
    Thank goodness things look better with Curly right now. Still praying.
    You are going to tackle that hairpin lace technique in no time. Anyone who can tat like you do can learn anything!!!

  5. I tend to knit and crochet loose, so the way that seemed to help me learn hairpin was to do everything much tighter then normal. I dont know if youre one of those loose crocheting women like me... wait that sounded wrong.
    Anyway, after I do a slip knot around one post, I tie the tail onto the bar right at the center and make a very very tight first stitch. This keeps the tension good for the first couple of rounds.
    Definately check out stitchdiva, they have some great tutes and patterns (and vids too)
    best of luck!