Monday, February 22, 2010

Copyrighting it

I have decided that MIUAYGA is now my copyrighted technique.  No one else may use this.  If you work free hand in tatting, this is a copyright violation.  MIUAYGA is mine, all mine.  And if you use it, I'll shut my blog down.

Here is my latest MIUAYGA offering.  Do not look at it.  You might copy the idea of it.

This is done in Navy Lizbeth thread in size 20.  This means that I have cornered the market in the use of silver and navy as a color combination, as it is now copyrighted under my MIUAYGA copyright.  Mine, mine, mine.

(Of course, I'm joking.  But I think most of you tatters know what I'm talking about here.  Silliness.)

I rather like my little navy and silver earring. Now on to its mate.

And here is a lovely little video, with one of my favorite Muppets, Beaker.


And a little funny....

Today's Inspirational Message

Never piss off a woman who can drive a backhoe.....



  1. OMG I instantly knew what you meant was gonna say well ok then I thought this was the crazy blog not ......
    That is so pretty
    Beaker is so cute
    and I love that funny I will have to keep that in mind if hubby ever makes me that mad ROFL

    ha ha my word verification is muladip does this mean i will dip into some mula... no lol

  2. thank god u weren't serious! lolz. pretty pair of earrings!

  3. And I DO LOVE you pattern!!!! so GORGEOUS!!!!!

  4. Love the earring pattern! rotflol reading your copyRIGHT post. The pizza looks yummy and I might make a few brownie points with hubby if I made something so delicious. Can you send recipe to my email. It's on my blog. It's tough, I know, but hang in there with the kids.

  5. Nice! I might try that. Call my lawyer!
    Fox : ))

  6. You really should get your designs copyrighted!

  7. You is one crazy mamma, sure. BUT -- I think I've been "making it up as you go along" longer than you. So there :ppppppp

  8. Love the satire...why aren't you writing satire professionally? Love the earring, too -- hope you did write down the pattern! The pizza looks yummy -- do you deliver?

    Coming to Palmetto Tat Days this August? We're in your neck of the woods this time!

  9. OMG! I laughed SO hard! Thank you! I really needed that! Love the truck too! Great job ;-)

  10. Beautiful earing (soon to be pair). I love the color combination!
    The Beeker video made my day.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great day!

  11. Oh Mwahahahahahahahhhhhhh

    That is all I have to say on the matter.