Sunday, February 21, 2010


Been thinking about earrings and tatting some things.  I'm using a revolutionary technique I'm working on perfecting called MIUAYGA.  This acronym means Making It Up As You Go Along.  As you can tell, it's highly technical and only for the most advanced tatter.  (Not!)

This is something I'm playing with using 1" plastic rings.  An Indian co-worker likes this, says it looks like Indian jewelry.  It's a little big for earrings for me.  Just my opinion.  That could change.

This is another earring in progress.  No plastic ring involved.  I'm thinking this will be be more my style.  It's kinda hard to tell what it will look like when I'm through - next post.

Today Moe requested my home-made pizza.  So I made 2 of my yummy deep dish pizzas for the Stooges and DH. They love this.  The crust is to die for!  (Let me know if you want the recipe - it's easy!)

Curly has been giving us major fits lately.  He really needs some inpatient assistance and is in denial of his issues.  Yesterday he ran away.  He didn't go far - he has no money, no car, very few friends.  (He's alienated his old buddies, and it's really sad.  Most of his current friends are drug buddies.)  Fortunately, he wandered back home about 6 am this morning.  It was cold and I think it was hard last night for him.  Reality bites.

He's been more cheerful today, and a bit more contrite.  I'm not sure how long - or if - it will last.  But it was nice to have him be funny a bit, instead of yelling or worrying.

Actual conversation between me and Curly a few minutes ago:
Me:  Why are both your hands in your pants?
Curly: Dude, I'm holding my balls.
Me: !!!!
Curly: I'm a guy, it's what we do. Besides, some evil hawk might come and snatch them.
Curly can be very, very funny.

Today as I was coming home from the grocery, I heard an NPR broadcast of this group of songs in a White House concert.  I was singing along the whole time.  John Mellancamp sang "Eyes on the Prize", and I was belting it driving home.

When they got to this song, I was singing through tears.  It's a great song.  I can't sing this song without crying.  I am such a sap.

But doesn't Joan Baez look great?


  1. I don't wear big earrings as a rule, but that one looks great.

    I was practicing MIUAYGA today and it didn't turn out well at all...

  2. That pizza looks delicious. The last time I did a pizza from scratch was over twenty years ago at school but yours looks so good I may try again.

  3. MIUAYG is what I do every time I make a new dress, etc... Your tatting is most definitely advanced!!!
    I'm so sorry you are having troubles with Curly. Is there not some service available through the school system? Or, at least something they could recommend to you?
    The pizza looks especially good since I'm trying to be good about my eating and exercise. Joan Baez looks and sounds great!

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  5. Grr I hate this laptop....not sure why that deleted.
    try again...

    Oh no. I think I used your MIUAYGA last week........but I called it NIWITY (no idea what I am tatting yet)

    Hmmm....Shuttles at noon or hooks at 20 paces?????

    Love reading your blog and I love the way you decorate your shuttles!!