Friday, February 19, 2010

Today and Yesterday

The sun was in my eyes in a BIG way as I drove to the train station this morning.

Ow.  It's bright!

Oy!  My windshield is filthy (I need to get my wipers fixed).

At least it's nice and sunny and not frigid any more.

A funny thing happened here in Hotlana yesterday afternoon.  I had to leave early to go to a doctor's appointment, and I noticed from the train that the interstate heading south into town was more backed up than usual for that time of day.  I didn't think much of it - until I got to my car and heard the news.  And laughed.

(image from WSB-TV)
It seems that a zebra from the circus (Ringling Bros etc.) had decided to escape its downtown enclosure and make a break for freedom.  In doing so, the zebra made its way along a number of streets and eventually onto the main downtown interstate highway.  The poor zebra was paced along the highway by motorcycle cops (!!) until someone could jump out and grab him.

I am not making this up. 

The story (and look at the map and stills too) is here and there is video of it as well.  It backed up traffic for some time.

The zebra is now back in captivity, poor thing, but his hoofs are cut up from running on the rough pavement.  Zebra hooves were designed for grass or dirt, not concrete or asphalt.  He will receive a break from performing while he heals.

As I said, I was headed to the doctor during the zebra jam.  I ended up running late as the train was delayed for some unknown (and un-circus related) issue.  When I got to my car, I only had 15 minutes to make it to the doctor, and I was at least 30 minutes from his office.  So I called the office to let them know I was running late. 

This was my mistake.

Mind you, this is a doctor's office that functions like most - when you get there, you wait.  Everytime I've gone there, I've waited at least 20 minutes.  Doesn't matter if I'm early or late or on time for my appointment- it's at least 20 minutes.

But I am a courteous person, so I called.  I knew I was the last appointment, and I didn't want them to close their doors on me.  And the stupid secretary fussed at me and told me that if I was more than 10 minutes late, I'd have to re-schedule.  But I'm coming as fast as I can, I wailed on my cell phone, going at breakneck speed.  Traffic beyond my control, I said.  She didn't care, and was adamant that I would need to re-schedule.  She was MEAN.  I got off the phone and continued on my reckless way towards the doctor's office.

I dashed up about 14 minutes late.  I tried to look casual.  No one said a contrary word to me when I signed in.

And  -  I waited 20 minutes before seeing the doctor.  Who seemed unaware that I was late.




  1. A friend of mine here in the UK was ten minutes late for a dental appmt a week or two ago and was turned away. He was re-scheduled the following week when he managed to get there ten minutes early. He waited 20 minutes beyond his appmt time!!!! Same here in the UK. Doctor's receptionists are 'little Hitlers'!!!

  2. OMG that poor, poor zebra!! I hate driving when the sun is blinding me!!! Dangerous!
    I once called a drs. office to tell them that I was stuck in traffic from construction or a wreck or something. She told me that if I didn't get there on time that I would have to pay for the appointment anyway!!! I got there late and, like you, sat for a long while before being called back. It sure doesn't pay to be courteous sometimes!

  3. I stumbled onto your blog looking for pretty tatted things, and ended up laughing my head off! What a fun (and informative) place to visit. Keep up the commentary...I will surely be back for another dose!