Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I was almost in a movie....

Monday I woke up and it was snowing.  No lie, it was snowing.

Today it got to 70 and it was gorgeous.  Here in Atlanta, it's possible to experience all four seasons in a week.

Here's today's sunrise, so pretty.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Classic Spring.

I've been very busy at work this week.  I've picked up another system, and there are vendors onsite now to install the product and show me how to configure and support it.  There are some kudgy things about our site which makes this software not install in a standard fashion, so it's been a challenge.  Fortunately, the onsite guy is really nice and kinda funny.  So at least it's not a pain...

Today I saw a bit of a movie that was filming a block from my office, right next to where I went with some office chums for a monthly birthday luncheon.  The film has Owen Wilson and some other famous folks in it, but I saw nothing of Mr. Wilson.  But it was kinda interesting. 

Here's a quick shot at the filming - you can't see anyone's face.  But the guy in the funky blue plaid shorts looked sort of familiar, not that you could tell from this picture.  (The lady on the right was coming to tell me No Pictures.)

Guess I'll find out if I see the movie when it comes out.  They'll be here filming all week - I may get another opportunity to see Somebody. 

Actually, I don't care.  Like me, most Atlantans are rather nonplused about celebrities.  Elton John lives here, and he loves it because he can go to the mall or the store without being harrassed.  We look and shrug  - and go on about our business.

And in other news...   Most of us are starting to get better here at chez Crazy.  Moe and Larry are almost completely recovered.  Curly has had something of a relapse and went back to the doctor yesterday.  He's now on steriods, and inhaler and another antibiotic.  But he seems perked up by the spring weather and has been going out running.  And I'm much better than I was.

And now -  Spring Porn!

The Bradford pears are in full bloom all over the place.

Tulip trees are starting to bloom.

And trees are leafing out - see the baby leaves?  Are they cute?  Aw...


  1. Beautiful spring pictures. This shows me what I'll be seeing in about a week, I hope!!!

  2. Glad you're feeling better! The spring pix are great -- I can almost hear the birds chirping!