Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some catch up

Thanks for all the support and warm thoughts about our situation with Curly.  We'll get through this.  Stuff like this doesn't last forever.  It can't.

DH has now set up a tent in the back yard for Curly to live in until he can get it together.  It's no longer so frigid, so he should be fine.  He can't live in our house though...

In other news, I'm really excited about something I found online.  I've wanted an Ottlite for some time, and JoAnn's is having some on sale.  I've ordered this one.

I know, it's not a classic crafter light, but it's a floor lamp with a 25W OttLite bulb, and you won't believe the price.  It's $49.95 - marked down $100! Plus, I got free shipping - how cool is that?  Find it here...

A couple of  folks are having great blog giveaways right now.  My buddy Tatting Chic is giving away a Learn To Tat book along with a shuttle and some thread.  A great thing for someone who wants to learn or who has a frind who wants to learn to tat  You are a generous gal, Chickie baby. 

And my lovely sewing friend Julia is giving away some lovely things including antigue linens and some buttons.  Go check her out - boy howdy, can she sew!  A super creative person.  I'm amazed at all she does.

I've had nice complements lately on my pictures.  I really can't take much credit for them - I see the pretty and I point my camera towards it.  (Most of the time, I'm pointing my cell phone camera towards it.  And sometimes I'm pointing the cell phone camera while talking on the phone AND driving.)  God provides the pretty, I'm just acknowledging it.

See?  Even with the traffic, so pretty.


  1. Awwww... how sweet you are to mention my giveaway and, my goodness, I'm blushing at the complements!! I don't know how you can stay so cool and calm with all you have going on. I like the tent idea! Tatting Chic has become one of my followers. I would love to win her book. I will probably post my pictures about what I'm giving away tomorrow or the next day.

  2. I want one of those floor lamps but they are the wrong voltage and cant find them this side of the pod, waaaa!
    Good for you on the Curly front.

  3. Hello there, buddy! Thanks for the shout out! Be sure to come and make a second comment to you get the second entry! Not sure what the (2) was for but you need a second comment...K??? Okay! :)
    (((Hugs))) to you, friend!
    ~TattingChic ♥