Monday, March 29, 2010

Where we are at now....

OK - here's the way things are here at chez Crazy.

Curly showed up yesterday afternoon.  He immediately demanded to take a shower.  We reiterated the rules and told him of the rule changes, and after he showered we told him to pack his bag for the hospital.  He started storming around and threw things into a duffle.  Then he stomped downstairs and informed me that he couldn't live with me.  And he went out the door and was gone.

Of course, he dumped a lot of trash on the front porch for me to clean up.  Typical.

He's not staying with the folks from the church - they told him to go home.  I think he spent last night in his drug buddy's car.  He hasn't taken his medicine since Thursday morning, so he's going to be crashing soon.

The rest of us are enjoying the peace and quiet.  The Curly Show is no longer in residence.

We have changed all the deadbolts on the house.  Curly seemed surprised about this.  We are serious.

So what are the rest of us doing?

Moe and I went to see a movie on Saturday afternoon and had a nice time.  We stopped by the local Michaels and got him some wooden models to put together.  He was very pleased.  He's a good boy and a pleasure to be around.

DH has been working to get some of the mess out of Curly's room.  We are switching him (he doesn't know this) to the smaller room which has been our guest room.  It will be very spartan.  I'll need to patch the 8" hole Curly punched in it and any other wall defects (and there are others) and then paint it top to bottom.  It will be all fresh and new....

Larry has been visiting with some friends and working out at the gym.  He's lost 15 lbs lately and is looking fit. Good for him.

All of us (sans Curly) had a nice dinner together last night of take out Chinese.  It was very pleasant.

And me?  Well, I've been cleaning my desk off and working on the Kitty blankie for my niece.  I've made the number of hairpin lace strips that the pattern calls for (14), but it doesn't seem wide enough.  So I'm adding 7 more.

And I'm trying hard to get back on my diet.  Since Christmas I've put on a ton of weight.  It's not Curly's fault that I put junk food in my mouth, but the stress hasn't helped.  So I've got to do better.  And I will.

Ya'll, the pollen is starting to get to me - I've broken out the Claritin for all of us.  Pollen is part of the joy of spring in Hotlanta.  But oh, it is glorious.


  1. Hugs ..... that's all. Felt maybe you could use that today.

  2. My heart goes out to you! You are doing the right thing. At his age, he has to learn to be responsible for himself. You've done all you can for him if he isn't willing to take care of himself.
    Moe sounds like a delight.
    You need to take care of yourself!!
    What a beautiful photo. I took some yesterday that I will post soon.

  3. A difficult time for you, hope things will settle down for a bit now. That picture is wow - you really do takes some lovely photographs.