Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring and Linky Links

Saw this on the train today.  Someone had marked up an advertisement.

Her teeth are blacked out and she has SNAKES written on her forehead.  Somehow, it's funny.  Because I am a SICK PUPPY.

Hairpin lace blankie is coming along.  This is five strips woven together.  Soft.

This shows about 2/3 of the length of the strips (it's folded under).  My pattern calls for 14 strips - I think I'm going to have to go for at least 21, otherwise it's way to narrow for a blankie.

My buddy D lives up in the Catskills of New York state.  This is her house.  And I'm glad it's hers - and not mine.  That's a lotta snow.

And some linky stuff....

I want spring.  And it's almost here!  Really!  It got into the upper 60's here today!!

Well, duh.  What genius figured that out?

I had a free shopping card for a retail outfit via my credit card points.  So I went online and bought this and this and this - and ended up paying only paying $14.19 on my credit card, plus I got an extra 25% cashback bonus on that.  Oh, and free shipping.  Shall I toot my own horn?  Ok - I rock!

And this week I got a free $100 gift card in the mail from said credit card.  Woo-hoo!  I don't think it will go far towards Curly's attorney fees......

With spring, it's almost time to do some serious research.  I have spent some time with these and a microwave.  They get BIG.  Hee.

I love this woman, but this dress looked suspiciously like it was made for this woman. In a sequined leopard print, of course. 

And a lovely person in my Sunday School class gifted me with this.  I'm sooooo excited.


  1. you crack me up sistah.

    you and my trusty box of girl scout cookies are getting me through a malfunctioning appliance issue.

    Bless you dear.

  2. Indeed you rock! great clothes.

  3. I think you're cracking up! The peep stuff was funny. I'm going to simulate these experiments latter this week..just for giggles.