Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend miscellany

Curly got called by a band he knows to sub in as their singer in a local battle of the bands Saturday night.  This band tours a good deal, and the guys are older than he is.  Curly happens to write lyrics - and he's really quite good.  And he sings.  He wrote a number of songs for this band.  I was a little iffy about him going, but the location for this is run by good folks, and they make the kids behave.  (No drinking, no drugs, no fighting, no bad language, and they have Bible study there in the afternoon.)  DH thought it was ok.

So Curly went.  He wasn't feeling too hot, very hoarse, and he hadn't practiced with the band.  He couldn't hit those high notes, so he had to drop some by an octave.  They sang five or six songs.  There were 20 bands - and the band he sang with came in 2nd!  He was the youngest singer there. Per Curly, the winning group had a phenomenally good singer, a guy who's been signed for some time to a record contract.  Curly didn't mind losing to this guy a bit, and told the winner how good he was.  And Curly was stoked about how well he did.

I've read some of Curly's lyrics.  I have to tell you - he's really good.  I mean, really good.  I think he could make a living writing lyrics.  Here's something he dashed off this morning:
He can't hold his own
Who would've known
He's got no place to go
No place to call home
The more the Light shines though me
I pretend to close my eyes
The more the dark consumes me
I pretend that I'm burning bright
See what I mean?

In other news...

Our local grocery is remodeling and I'm diggin' what they've done with the floors.

This is a stain on concrete.  (In the pet food aisle, yo.)  It ends up being a variegated chocolate, with a shine.  I'm thinking this is what we need to do in our basement, which is still unfinished. But I'm just thinking.

Watching the Oscars - Robin Williams needs to wear something other than just black.  His stylist should be fired.  So should Molly Ringwald's stylist.  Man, that was an ugly puple mess! But I loved Penelope Cruz's dress.

The Kitty baby blankie is coming along nicely.  Just not quickly.

Wish I could live my life and be so happy and free like my Cisco boy.  He's so relaxed and carefree.  What a life!

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  1. Well done Curly! You have a star in your hands.