Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm a lucky woman

I came home yesterday after a loooong day in the office, and found a package waiting for me.  A package in a lovely pink mailing envelope.  "What could it be?" I wondered.  So I opened it.

It was a lovely prize from Tatting Chic!

I had won Tatting Chic's contest recently - and her's what I won.  A great book to help teach tatting, Learn To Tat, complete with DVD.  An EZ-Bob, loaded with green size 10 Manuela thread.  And an Aero type shuttle with an extra bobbin.  Isn't Tatting Chic generous?  I love this!

Now comes the confession. I have never owned an Aero shuttle - so this will be a nifty thing for me to try!  And the same is true for the Manuela thread - never tried it!  I guess I'll have to wind up one of those bobbins with that pretty green thread, won't I?  I saw a heart pattern in the Learn To Tat book that would be just the thing to make.  And I have several friends to loan this book and DVD to - so this is so great!

Thank you, Tatting Chic!  You are such a sweetheart!  Here are some flowers for you - azaleas near my house.

And I was happy.  I went to bed happy, and trudged off again to work today. Another long day.

And I got home to find ANOTHER package waiting for me.  I hadn't won any more contests, so I was clueless.  I was expecting nothing.

And I opened the package. 

I found an enormous surprise of tatting goodies from Heather, of The Tarnished Tatter.  Look at all this!!!!  Click on the picture and see it all!

Here's what she sent me:  Three skeins of lovely pastel HDT, her own.  A spool of white silk thread.  A large spool of gold thread.  Heather's own picot gauges, made for every size.  A pretty golden filagree shuttle.  Her great book - Afternoon Tatting.  Two lovely tatted birds - a hummingbird and a swan - to be worn as pendants, with the ribbon and silver ring to hold it.  And, from Miss Tatting Tea Tuesday, tea and hot chocolate, and lots of it!

Plus a lovely letter.  Isn't Heather the best?  I was stunned, blown away.  Here are flowers for Heather!  Thank you so much, Heather!

With these two packages, I feel very loved.  And very lucky!  Thank you TattingChic and Heather!  Go visit both of them and tell that what lovely people they are!


  1. That WAS a great day, tatters are wonderful!
    Your garden looks gorgeous, thanks for showing us.

  2. WOW! How awesome it that! What a wonderful 'tatting world' we live in... *smile*
    Love the pics...made my day!

  3. Wow, looks like you got double the fun! That is actually a Pony brand bobbin shuttle! You can't get them here in the US for some reason or another! Those flower shots are gorgeous!

  4. It's so true -- nothing lifts the spirits like tatting gifts. Hurray! You deserve it.

    TattingChic and Heather ARE dear, sweet, wonderful ladies. And your flower photos are beautiful!

  5. You certainly deserve a few unexpected perks! I'm so glad these lovely ladies were able to give you a smile to sleep with.

    And I love all those azealeas! It's still early for very many flowers here in the midwest. A few lilacs and tulips but that's about it.