Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stooge Transportation - Part Two

Curly has new transportation too.

His old transportation.

His new ride.

DH got him a 50cc scooter, which is legal in this state for folks without a license.  He can't ride it on the interstate, but he can almost any place else.  It came brand new and gased up, with a helmet and the attached trunk, all for $599 plus tax.  It will do about 35 mph and gets about 90 mpg.

Curly is sooooo happy.

He has a new job at Target, and frequently has to be there at 6 am.  Tough to do when you have to hike it several miles in the dark.  And he's still going to night school.  So this allows him to come and go without our help.  Plus it's a lot easier on the Curly dogs.

Curly is still defiantly living in the tent in the backyard, and will continue to until he either gets some help and abides by our rules, or he moves out.  We've told him he can't go anywhere until he pays DH back for the scooter.

And so it goes...