Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stooge Transportation - Part One

Larry's transportation.

Before - POS '95 Camry with a short in the wiring harness, needed to be junped off constantly.  Like here.  Not reliable and scary to drive.  The other side is covered in rust.

After - 2005 Ford Ranger, a used fleet vehicle from DH's job, purchased for a mere $1800.  What a deal!  Manual transmission, Larry's preferred type. The body is in practically perfect shape and the truck was meticulously maintained.

DH uncharacteristically took out a loan for this truck and something for Curly.  He seldom spends money on anything, so this was quite an occassion.  Larry will pay him back, of course.  (I'm the money person at our house - all the cars are in my name, and I negotiate all loans and major purchases.)

Larry is stoked.  He has named the truck Gustave.  And he's sold the POS car already for cash.

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