Thursday, April 1, 2010

International Tatting Day

For you non-tatters, a bit of knowledge.  April 1 is International Tatting Day.  And no, this is not a joke.  There really is such a thingLook it up.

It is celebrated by eating chocolate and tatting.  Or eating chocolate and enjoying tatting.  Chocolate and pretty things - what's not to like?  Everyone should do this!

I've tatted a bit.

And I'm wearing tatted earrings, navy ones like the black one I'm making above.  I like this pattern (it's mine) and it tats up fast, if you have the beads loaded correctly.  Unfortunately, I don't.  This is where I have to stop - I'm missing two delicas on my second shuttle.  Easy enough to fix at home.

But no chocolate so far.  I'm trying very, very hard to be good on my diet.  I will have a bit of sugar-free chocolate at home.

Wait!!  I found a high-protein chocolate bar!  I can have this as my snack!  Nom nom nom nom

Hope your day is good.  Enjoy tatting!


  1. Happy International Tatting Day to you too.

  2. Happy Tatting. It's also my mom's birthday, so now the 2 will always be linked!



  3. Happy Tatting Day! (once you get home, lol)
    :) Ann

  4. Hope you are enjoying some relaxing tatting "me time" now that you are home from work -- and can continue those exquisite earrings you started!

    Special kudos to you for managing to eat chocolate AND stay on your diet!