Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just when you...

Just when you think the Hotlanta pollen count can't go beyond yesterday's high of 2,967, it goes higher.

Here's today's high - yes, that is 5,733.  Please note that this time last week, the local pollen count was 17.  And that anything over 120 is considered extremely high.

I'm betting that tomorrow will supass the record of 6033, set April 12, 1999.  Allergists and ENTs make a fortune in Hotlanta in the spring.

Pollen is pretty on black cars.  (See me taking the picture?  Cell phone again.)  And our back deck is thick with it.  It's downright yellow.

I've gotten some more HDT - some pretty Earthy Rainbow size 20, plus these great earrings with tatting embedded in them.  I got these from Krystal - Dr. Von Threadmore does good work!

There're here in my HDT stash - at least part of my stash.  I'm still winding up more HDT.  Some of this was wound on other winders that wouldn't fit in this box.  Wind, wind, wind.

Curly is still in and out of the house, mostly out.  Things have calmed down a bit.  I'll take it.

Here's today's pretty sky from my driveway.  And the moon was still out!

Rain is coming soon.  I hope it knocks down the pollen.  I'd like to see through the air, not feel like I could cut it....


  1. Yes, but where else could you cut the air in blocks, stick on a stamp, and mail it anywhere in the world! We've got sturdy air!

  2. ohhh that box is so scrummy looking! If I come to georgia to see my mom and that box happens to go missing, don't look at me lol!

  3. I decided to open all of our windows yesterday to air out the house. My husband closed them all today, because pollen was coming in through the screens!!! So far it hasn't affected my sinuses too much!!!
    Your threads are such beautiful colors.
    I'm glad things seem to be somewhat calmed down with Curly!

  4. Wow, that pollen count does not sound fun for allergy sufferers! Yucky!
    What a fabulous way to organize your HDT's! Love it!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  5. It is so much fun when everything turns yellow. The grass, the sidewalk, the car, your clothes and shoes as you walk to the much fun :)

  6. Holy MAN that is a lot of pollen. I'd be a wheezing, sneezing, running, tearing wreck!
    Your threads are lovely.