Friday, April 9, 2010

Changes in progress.

Tuesday I did a bit of pampering for myelf - I got a pedicure.

This was my first pedicure since the Toe Nail Incident.  As you can see, I only have a tiny toe nail on my left big toe.  Like the color?  I don't do reds, as the clash with my skin tones. Gah, my feet are so dumpy!

And we are painting.  Curly's old room is being stripped and fixed up as the new guest room.  I've bribed Larry with money and groceries so that he will paint.  The room was an ugly green - Curly's choice.  And mercy, it was filthy! He had scarred up the walls something fierce.  Anyone know how to get gum out of carpet?

I'm painting the walls a soothing blue, this Behr Clear Water, with white trim.  Much better. Calm and restful.

Curly has an appointment with his therapist this afternoon, and DH and I are going.  Once again, we will try and convince him to go to the hospital.  Wish us luck....

And this evening I'm doing something fun for ME.  At an old favorite bar (known from way back in my theater days), I'm meeting a bunch of local bloggers.  I've never met any of this group, but it should be a good time.  We're meeting because this blogger is making a tour around the country and will be joining us.  I'm looking forward to it...


  1. I have been told (although never tried it) that you can spray the gum with compressed air for cleaning out computers. It is supposed to freeze it and it should crumble right out. Worth a try.

  2. I know that Spray and Wash dissolves gum in hair!! I learned that when my girls were little. I don't know how it would work on carpet, but it's worth a try.
    The blue is so pretty and soothing.
    Best wishes for Curly agreeing to hospitalization. If only he could realize that it is for his own good, not just for you and his dad!
    Thanks for linking me up with a tatter in Knox. She has emailed me. She is teaching classes at a yarn shop there. I am going to try to go when she starts a new class!!!!

  3. Your feet are not dumpy! You're so funny.

    I'm thrilled that you're going to the Bossy meet-up! I'll be going to the St. Louis meet-up in a few weeks, and I'm super-excited about it!

  4. Hi there!

    I know that peanut butter and toothpaste can get gum out of hair...but would you want either of these on your carpet...probably not.

    What gets toothpaste out?

    I love your new blues! Restful IS the word. But I don't think that Curly's original colour choice in paint is so bad. It goes really well with the carpet. That carpet looks rich!

    Have fun!! Hey -- and your feet are cute. But I would like to see your hands...they're VERY TALENTED, Mrs. Tatter...