Friday, April 9, 2010

Car talk

Actual conversation while I was driving home from Curly's therapy appointment, with DH and Curly in the car.  A dumb teenager on a bicycle was on the wrong side of the road and we almost hit him.

Curly:  Ten points if you hit him, Mom.*
Me:  No, he's too slow.
Curly:  Bunnies are lots of points.  They're hard to hit.
Me: No, they freeze and stare at the car, then you hit them.  No points.
Curly:  Squirrels are hard to hit.
Me:  They freeze too.  Birds are lots of points.  They're hard to hit.
DH: Fish.  Fish are the hardest to hit.

DH is such a card

*The points are all in reference to the cult movie "Death Race 2000". The harder something is to hit, the more points is given. Style counts too.


  1. Sounds like a good conversation. DH is right, you know! How'd you get Curly in the car to the therapist appt? I guess that's another blog post?

  2. That is such a typical boy in car conversation! Love it!