Monday, April 12, 2010

In which I get famous and painted

So, Friday night I met some bloggers in a bar in Hotlanta.  Now, this bar and I have some history.  Once upon a time, I used to frequent this bar - so much so that my car (a 2-tone green and black '72 Nova) used to know its way home from there.  I didn't live far, so it was no big deal for the car to go on its own.  This was back in the day when I was designing costumes for lots of musicals and straight plays.

Anywho, I met some bloggers on Friday.  I had never met any of them - we met because this somewhat famous blogger was coming into town.  And it was fun!  I met some nifty people.  We hung out, ate and drank some, laughed a lot, and then took pictures out in the parking lot before adjourning to a nearbye coffee shop for more fun.

If you want to see me, go here.  I'm in several pictures.  I'll give you a not-so-helpful hint - I'm not wearing a blazer.  I'm famous - woo-hoo!

While we were at the bar (which is large and has a number of rooms), a strange and wonderful marching band trouped through.  It was the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable!  This is a local loosely arranged marching band whose members are usually in some form of clown gear.

They were there to play at another event being held at the bar.  I went out when I saw them heading towards the exit to try and get some pictures.  Yes, this is the band.

And who should I run into but an old friend from my theater days, CB!  I hadn't seen CB in years, decades even, but we recognized each other right off!  He's played trombone with the Seed & Feed almost since its inception.  It was great fun to catch up with him.  Eb'body knows CB.

So Friday night was a good time, even if I didn't get home until late.

Saturday I did some things for myself and just relaxed.  I wound HDT and put it away.  I started a new little tatting project - another of Mary Konior's Large Crosses from Tatting With Visual Patterns.  I'm doing this one in TatsKool's Coral Reef, and it really is pretty.  I'm doing this for a church member who is having a hard time - I'll send it to her in a card with a nice note.  I like doing this kind of thing.  It's not intrusive, but it lets people know that folks care about them.

Sunday I ended up working on painting Curly's old room.  Larry had volunteered to paint the room if I paid him, which I did.  In advance - a mistake.  Larry let the painting languish, and when I fussed about the lack of progress, he sub-contracted the work out to Curly.  Curly then got a bit of help from DH.  Now, the reason I had let Larry take the job was that he is fairly neat about it and will follow directions.  DH and Curly should never be allowed near anything that involves paint.  Prime example - I came into the room to find Curly standing on a 5 gallon bucket and trying to trim out the ceiling with white paint DH had provided.  Only he was using a crap piece of cardboard as a guide and was slopping white paint on top of the blue, and ignoring where the old green paint was showing through.  And the paint wasn't ceiling paint.  It was white semi-gloss, the trim paint.

I threw a fit and made everyone get out - and wash all 12 of the paint brushes and rollers that they had used.  (Why?)  Then I got a step ladder and a small brush along with blue paint in a cup, and Moe helped me trim out the wall up to the ceiling.  I got some paint on the ceiling, but since I had to go over most of the ceiling edge anyhow to cover the semi-gloss, it didn't matter.  I've taped the top of the wall so I can edge the ceiling fast. Then it's touch up on the trim and the painting will be done.

That's how I got painted - I got blue paint in my hair as a result.  Ew.

Curly is still here, but threatening to move out all the time.  He hates the tent.  We got him to go to his psychologist (not the psychiatrist - still won't go to that) and he claims he's leaving as soon as he can, staying with someone in the next town - 30 miles away.  We pointed out that, without transportation, it will be hard for him to get to and from night school.  He doesn't seem to have a plan.  He claims that school is a priority, yet he missed school tonight.  It's his problem - not mine.

And now - more spring porn!  Good news - the pollen has dropped to only 2492!  Yee-haw!

The pink dogwoods are blooming.

There are red azeleas...

and many more colors...

Wisteria still looks pretty...

and the hydrangias are blooming...

Hope your spring is gorgeous....

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  1. I'm glad we had a chance to meet each other as well as Bossy. It'll be fun to drop in on each other's blogs :) I do plan to respond to the email you sent, but I hjave been busy busy busy. I'll have some time this afternoon to formulate a response :)