Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I've been doing

I've been tatting a bit, not much.

This is Mary Konior's Large Cross from Tatting with Visual Patterns.  It's my favorite go-to pattern - I have it memorized.  This one is done in Coral Reef HDT size 20 by TatsKool.  I'll been sending this cross (after I block it! and put a tail on it) to someone from church who is having a really hard time.

I like this color of HDT a lot - it's cheery and fun.  And the pattern looks nice either in a plain color or in HDT.

I've been enjoying watching this video. 

Larry snorted a lot when he saw it.

Things are much the same with Curly.  I fear he is starting to crash - he's been off his anti-depressants for 2 weeks. He's been sending me odd random texts.  And the school just called me and said he's acting weird.  I hope he's ok, but I have no control over this.

This is a something Curly left for us in his room.  He's still living in the tent defiantly.  The guitar next to the sign is broken in many pieces.  So self-destructive.

And now for something completely different: today as I was riding the train, an older lady got on pushing a baby carriage.  I see people with baby carriages all the time - no big deal.  But this lady had an animal carrier strapped to the stroller.

I asked her what she had in the carrier. "A puppy!" she said.  And when we got off at the central station, she stopped so I could look in the carrier.  And there was a little dog in there - a small black terrier type dog with grey whiskers!

I guess there is more than one way to walk the dog.


  1. You are so interesting! I love the cross. As you said the colors are wonderful! I also love Ellen.
    I am still praying for your family!!!

  2. Gorgeous cross....sure to cheer anyone up....nice to see you enjoying the thread.

  3. A stroller seems more unwieldly than a dog on a leash. But I don't have a puppy.

  4. Yes, your blog is very interesting and your tatting is beautiful. I love the top picture with the white edging. I work with seniors and they sure have given me a different outlook on life.