Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Thursday - why isn't it Friday yet?

Curly sent me this picture of the sky tonight.  Isn't it pretty?

He can be a thoughty boy, when he wants to be.

At work, I've been alternating between writing documentation, testing things, and trying not to fall asleep.  I'm really pretty busy, but I'm tired from the Curly thing and I don't sleep well.  Mostly, I'm trying to keep my nose clean and fly under the corporate radar.

Things are rather tense at my job.  Not that it's my fault.  No, it's just that I work for a semi-governmental agency that is dependant on public tax dollars, and those are in short supply.  We are hoping that the GA legislature will get their act together and free up some money, but they are all idiots and unlikely to do anything.  And there was a company meeting this week where layoffs were discussed.  Out of roughly 5000 employees, we are going to have layoffs (starting in July) of either 700 or 1500 employees, depending on funding.

Not happy times.  Many folks are really worried.  I'm not thinking about it - mostly because my job is more of a core position, and also because I've been through lay-offs before and I can't do anything about the economy.  I'm just trying to do my job.  And I've been laid off before, and I've also been kept during mass layoffs.  Who knows what is in the minds of TPTB?

And since I just was given responsibility for a new system, I feel a bit safer.  I can multi-task.  Aren't I great?  I'm the one you want to keep around!  Get rid of those expensive contractors instead.

I hope my boss thinks this way.  I've known her since 1986 - she is a nice person.  And she has good taste - she's admired my tatting and wants some tatted earrings!

Her birthday is Saturday - these are for her.  My pattern, done in black Lizbeth size 20, with sterling hooks.

I think she'll like them.

PS And I filed my damn taxes.  Why so late?  Because we owe money - aaaaaaaa!!!

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  1. Of course she'll love those earrings!!! They are gorgeous!!! The photo that Curly sent is also very pretty. It seems he does have a soft side! I am hoping for you that the GA legislators will get some sense and do the right thing.