Saturday, April 17, 2010

Le Stash

I have wound up all my HDT and carefully put it away.

It is labeled with the color name, artist, and size.  I've tried to sort it by color.

Here is a bit of my other stash.  I have a good deal of DMC Perle 8 and size 80 tatting thread that is not included.  And we don't talk about beads.....

OK Tatters - show me your HDT stash!

Yesterday I got a wild hair and went to the fabric store.  It's dangerous there.

I came home with these things (and others....).  I've decided to make a couple of purses with the material shown.  (The big piece was a remnent and the other was on the $4/yd table.)  I HAD to have the Pez 'cause I collect them.  And the little silver beads looked like they could be tatted into earrings and a necklace.  (They're dragonflies.)

But I can't sew until we/I finish with painting the guest room.  Which has stalled.  The Stooges' cousins, Amy and Tricia, are here at the moment, and I'm employing Amy to help me with the trim.  She is very tidy and precise, and was happy to be able to earn a few extra dollars.  Once the trim is done, I have to clean the carpet.  It is NASTY.

I like the blue paint.  It is restful.

After that I can move furniture into the room and set it up.  And I can have a little space in there to set up my sewing machine.  In the past, I've had to set up my sewing machine in front of my computer keyboard - not a happy thing.  The kitchen table isn't an option - we eat there!

And then I can make my purses!!!  Woo-hoo!


  1. What a lovely neat stash, looks really inviting.

  2. I agree with Tatskool it is a net stash and very colourful. Can't show you my HDT because I haven't got any!!!

  3. And I like the Pez too -- but howcome they didn't include Eeyore in the box set???

  4. Ahhhh.... organization! There's nothing like it to make one feel like a new woman!!! The blue paint is so pretty. I'm glad you are going to have a space just for sewing! That was the worst part of living in the smaller house we used to live in.