Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some Blue Things

A blue bookmark I made as a birthday present for a lovely lady in my Sunday School class.

She gets to retire at the end of the month - good for her.  She's a terrific person.

The bookmark is made in a variegated Lizbeth size 20, no particular pattern, just tattted up with some beads and gee-gaws added.

At my home, the guest room is mostly done.  I still need to put more pictures on the walls. 

But it's not too bad.  I love this dresser - a Craig's List find, pulled it out of a dusty country house and paid about $125 for it.  Just wiped it down with furniture polish, good to go.  (I have friends who want to shop with me 'cause I have a good eye for a bargain.)  (The little pitcher on the dresser is covered in cats....)

The quilt is one my MIL made - she loves to quilt.  It's not fancy, but is cheerful enough. I put some nice new sheets on the bed - 450 thread count sateen ones.  I like my guests to feel comfortable.  And there is good reading matter - David Sedaris, Anne Lamott, Flannery O'Connor.  (The lamp on the right was a $4 thrift store find.)  Plus a picture of my grandaddy's planes that he flew in WWI.

All ready for company.  Mom, where are you?

FYI - my mom is back from her 3 week trip to Boston.  She arrived at her mountain home to find two things in disarray on her deck.  One was that all of her lovely planters had been dumped out by the local raccoon, who she calls Rasputin.  The other was evidence of a nearby black bear, seen often there.  There was a big pile of bear poop on the top step.

Fortunately, neither the bear nor Rasputin made it inside the house, so all was in order there and lovely.  And Mom went right in and was happy at home.   Now, if I could just convince her to visit me....



  1. How pretty--both the book mark and that quilt!
    When mom's away, the mice/bears/coons will play, eh?

  2. The bookmark is wonderful. What a lucky friend you have!
    The guest room is soooo inviting!! Where does your mom live? I would definitely be visiting you if I were your mom!

  3. I could be forever content in that room. Love that dresser! I've been wanting one like that forever.

    I know how you feel about the mom situation. My mom will come up here to visit my brother and her in-laws(who live five minutes from me), but I'll never know about it unless I happen to drive by the in-laws house and see the truck parked in the driveway. I've finally accepted the fact that she's perfectly happy with the occasional phone call and quickie visits.