Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Attack of the ID-10-Tee virus

The ID Ten-Tee virus is running rampant through my household. (Write out the number and the letter of last syllable. You’ll see what I mean.)
Last night, at the end of watching Glee, I got a frantic text message from Curly. His school is out at 8:30 and he should have come straight home. But he had refused to answer any text message all day, and it was then 10 pm, way past when he should be home.
Curly had an accident.

FYI - Curly is still living in the tent in the back yard, defiant. He refuses to take his medicines or go anywhere near his psychiatrist.

Curly crashed his scooter about 10 pm last night on the way home from screwing around after school. He is pretty bruised and scraped up but not seriously injured. He is VERY lucky. The scooter is banged up but drivable. He didn't hit anyone - just lost control on the road. I think he flipped the bike over a guard rail. I know he hit his head - he said he wouldn't have teeth without the helmet.
DH and I have really laid into him because of his lack of safety gear. He was wearing his helmet, but he had on a black t-shirt, dark jeans, flip-flops, and nothing else. No leather jacket, no safety vest, no real shoes. His left foot is badly bruised and swollen and his left arm has big sections with no skin, but he won't accept medical help. DH threw away the flip-flops immediately.
We took the keys to the scooter. It is ours, not his. He’s to get it back in a few days, but with restrictions. No night driving except straight to school/work and straight back. No dawdling. Shoes and protective gear at all times. Reflective vest worn any time cars have headlights on. NO EXCEPTIONS.

DH and I both have been passengers in cars where pedestrians wearing dark clothing at night were hit by the car we were in, and the pedestrians were hurt badly - in DH's case, the guy died. Curly has no clue how invisible he is on that scooter at night. We laid into him hard about this, and he was mad that we did. Too bad.
I'm buying a roll of reflective tape to wrap the scooter in. It wouldn't have made much difference in the accident, but it may prevent him from getting hurt another time.
This is about the 4th time he's done something to the scooter in the short time he's had it. This is just the first big thing. The scooter's pretty scraped up.
And – the virus spreads. DH gave Curly the keys back this morning. I didn’t find it out until later. Son of a bitch.

You know, DH doesn’t always mean Darling Husband. What is it with guys not using the head on top of their neck?

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  1. I'm so glad he wasn't hurt badly. Maybe it scared him enough that he will be more careful though. Men do not think!!!!