Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We had a ton of rain Sunday night.  It made today's drive in foggy.

I had an early meeting, so I got off extra early and didn't take the train.  I won't be taking the train this week - it will be way too slow.  There was a lightning strike on the train tracks on my side of town, so they are single-tracking the trains.  This causes big slowdowns, so no trains for me until the track is reapaired.

I had a brief talk with my mother yesterday while I drove home.  "Are you coming for Curly's graduation?" I asked.  "I wouldn't miss it!  I'll be staying with your sister," she responded.  I couldn't take it.  "We would like you to stay with us."  She lied and said, "You'll have so much going on, too much for company."  (My sister has active construction going on in the house they moved into 3 weeks ago with their 3 children.  Mom has seen the pictures of my painted guest room.)  I pointed out the she has never once come to stay with us in this house, a place we have lived for 10 years.  "But Crazy Mom, you're always too busy.  It's never been convenient for you."  Liar.  "Mom, you never let us know when you could come.  And I'm tired of the Stooges asking me why their grandmother comes to town and never visits them, why doesn't she love them?"  Long silence.  "Well, perhaps I should stay with you this time." "Good idea, Mom.  We'd love to see you."

I think I was pretty damn diplomatic.

I'm still making dish cloths. Sumpin' dumb to do while I watch The Big Bang Theory or Glee.  Mindless fun.


  1. Considering the circumstances, you were TOTALLY diplomatic! Good for you -- proud of you, my friend!!

  2. BRAVA! Can you go talk to my mom now?
    Dish cloths. So nice!
    I tried to watch Glee last night, but the darn tornadoes preempted all the good TV viewing! Rats.