Sunday, May 30, 2010

Graduation weekend

Well the weekend isn't over, but I'm over the hump.  The graduation hump, that is.

Yes, Curly graduated last night.  HURRAH!!!!!!!  DH and Moe and I all witnessed the event.

We are proud and grateful.  And much of the weekend was great.

The good:
  • My MIL came into town (with her husband, who's never come here) and took us out to eat Friday night, along with graduate Amy and her family - my husband's sister, her husband, and Amy's little sister Tricia.  Larry didn't come - he was sleeping, but all the rest were there.  My MIL took us to a local Japanese place, the kind where they cook on the table.  We all had a really nice meal and enjoyed visiting.  This was the most generous with money I've every seen my MIL be - this was not a cheapie restaurant.  It was a really nice thing for her to do, and I'm grateful for it.
  • My mother, my sister #2, and surprise! my nephew (son of sister 1 - he goes to UGA) came to our house prior to the graduation.  We had a nice meal here, pretty casual.  I fixed a sprial sliced ham, corn on the cob, broccoli, rice, whole wheat rolls, and tea.  Mom & S2 brought good cole slaw and a lovely fruit salad.  Plus, S2 went to her favorite bakery and brought a terrific chocolate and mint layer cake for the occasion. Mmmm.  It was good to see everyone, so nice that they went out of their way to come.  A good (if brief) visit was had.
  • Amy graduated - she will be going to our state university on an Air Force ROTC scholarship, which should pay for everything, including room and board.  Good for her.  She deserves a break.
  • Curly graduated!!!!  We're all so relieved.
The bad:
  • The graduation traffic.  It was simply unbelievable, worst I've seen ever, and I've lived in this county since 1986.  Out of control, very little police presence, people parking everywhere.  Obviously no one planned for the enormous crush coming for 504 kids graduating from a high school on a two lane road.  We sat in traffic trying to get to the high school for a long time and then parked at a day care center a ways down the road.  The campus is huge for a high school (it's over 2300 students) and the stadium is at the far end, behind everything else.
  • The crowd at the event.  It was full of mongrels and people with no regard for the event or for parents who were trying to view their children at this important time.  I swear, most of the crowd was absolutely feral.  I made my way down to get a picture of Curly getting his diploma, and was trying to set up my camera (I was still a long way away) when some idiot blasted an air horn right next to the only ear I have that works.  When I turned to fuss at this thug (who seemed amazed that someone would EVER say anything to him, what a jackass), I heard Curly's name called.  And I missed getting the picture.  I got a blurry picture of him walking back to his seat.  I was furious.  See what I got?
  • My mother and sister.  They came over and were visibly uncomfortable in my house.  The last time either one came over was Larry's graduation in 2007.  They didn't really talk and were very stiff.  They left was soon as possible.  I'm very hurt.
  • And last - but most incredible - the weather, and the decision of the school to hold the graduation outdoors.  Because it POURED almost the whole event.  I've never seen anything like it. It was pouring before the ceremony, yet they never went to the rain plan (ceremony in the gym).  Imagine, a high school graduation outdoors in the middle of a torrential downpour.  I felt so sorry for those kids.  Everyone was in their good clothes, good shoes, hair fixed.  Drenched like drowned rats, wading through the mud.  When we parked and it was dumping, my mother decided that she couldn't both walk the very long way and be drenched, so she and my sister (who was driving her) missed the ceremony entirely.  I ended up in mud up to my ankles with ruined shoes.
Want proof?  Here are pictures straight from my camera.  If you look past the umbrellas, you may see people in caps and gowns.
See - I wasn't kidding.  It was awful.

But the important thing happened - Curly has now graduated from high school.  Whew!

And another miracle happened today.  He asked to take his medicine.  I did my best not to jump up and down, and instead I dosed it out with little comment.  But this is a good sign.  We'll see if it continues.


  1. BRAVO!! I am so happy for you guys!! What a wonderful event in Curly's young life! Remind him again, C-Mom: With his best foot forward, he can do ANYTHING!!
    You know, my own Graduation Day was a very beautiful day...very nice; a dream-come-true at the time, but I won't have the special memories of such an extreme event - weatherwise...I cannot believe these photos!! You may be hurting a little now...but you will laugh later, I am sure!!
    I love your blog...and I really missed you when you were too busy all week!!

  2. Congratulations Curly.
    Shame about the bad bits and that awful weather, but Curly has graduated and thats all that matters.

  3. Congrats to Curly!
    Fox : )

  4. The luckiest thing is that there was no lightning - or was there?! That rain was unbelievable!

    I don't understand why they didn't opt for the indoor plan, even if everyone couldn't attend. I have mixed feelings about these outdoor graduation ceremonies, where even with the best weather there seems to be a lack of decorum. Back in ancient times when I grew up, boorish behavior would not have been tolerated!

    I know the important thing is that Curly has his diploma; and it's a hopeful sign that he is asking for his medication.

    I applaud your ability to weather all these storms (no pun intended).
    Possibly this summer will be a calmer time for you. You deserve it! (Hope you can hear again!)

  5. Well DONE Curly. I'm SO pleased for you all.
    Now I can finally see what Atlanta weather can do and understand now why my flight was delayed in getting there last September from Columbia. The pilot said 'due to bad weather in Atlanta'!!!!! Now I see what 'bad weather in Atlanta can do!!!! That's raining cats and dogs and a few other animals too!!!!

  6. Thank you all for your warm wishes. I appreciate all you support so much!

  7. Well done to Curly and to you.

  8. Good for Curly, graduating, and for you, for tolerating intolerable circumstances to be there for your son. I know it's been a long haul.

  9. OMG, asked to take his medicine!?!? I am so excited for you!!!!! Of course, graduation is pretty special too!!! I can't believe they held in in that rain!!!! I also can't believe how your mom and sis behaved. I will adopt you, okay?

  10. A big day, in more ways than one.
    Bravo to Curly.

  11. Congratulations to Curly on graduating. Being done with school will make life a little less stressful for him.