Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Miscellaneous stuff

I have been looking at the first pattern I need to do for my Tatters Across Time Apprentice test.  It calls for size 10 thread, and I don't normally have size 10.  But I had recently acquired some pink size 10 crochet thread (Aunt Lydia's), and I found a similar toned blue thread from the same vendor.

I'm just playing with this.  The thread is awfully soft and fuzzy.  I'll have to practice to get the tension right.

A few other things....

My fig tree is going like gangbusters.  It's at least 12 feet tall.  Last year, the chickens roosted in it and ate a lot of the figs.  This year I need to harvest the figs and do something with them, as the chickens are gone.  Any suggestions?

Thursday I have to move my office to another building, back to where I used to be.  The weird thing is they want me to move back to the building I'm in now (but on a different floor) in a month.  Seems like a waste of time and money.  I think my final cube will be horribly tiny - about four feet on a side.  Really.  The rumor is that the department is planning to put 168 people in cubes on half of a small floor.  And how is that possible?  My answer - they'll double deck the cubes and hire dwarfs.  I wouldn't put it past my company.

Nerd humor.

I got a new catalog for this place and was reminded of prior orders I've made.  Each of the Stooges has one of these, and sometimes I hear them screaming in flight.  It's pretty funny.

I finally got a decent picture of Curly in his cap and gown.  They dried out just fine.  The cap's corners are a little floppy, but it's good enough.  I couldn't get a picture of him clean shaven though.  Mr. Fuzzy Face the Graduate.


  1. I had the same situation for TAT. I had to use #10 thread, which I do not normally have.

    I found the easiest to use (and cheapest) is Cébélia. Flora is awfully coarse and more expensive.

    The Aunt Lydia is going to be difficult, as it gets fuzzy and you cannot untat very easily. That's my two cents.

    Congrats on doing the course!
    Fox : )

  2. I had to get size 10 also when I did the first TAT. Since I also teach, I've gotten more since then but like Fox says, Cebelia will work better.

    I once found a recipe online for spiced figs that sounded SO YUMMY! However, fresh figs are not to be found around here except on rare occasions so I've never tried it yet. There is a salad in town that I LOVE, which has "patchberries", walnuts, spinach, spring greens,blue cheese crumbles, and dried figs. I love the addition of the figs. Chewy with flavor - a nice added texture. They also use a raspberry vinegrette.

  3. I wouldn't know how to process figs. I know i love to eat them, though.
    Curly looks pretty handsome, fuzzy face and all. I know you are proud of him.