Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A few little things.

  • Wednesday = humpday, the middle of the work week.  And I humped it today.  The software vendor for my latest project was on site, and we busted it trying to deploy software.
  • Clematis planted outside my office.  Many of my neighbors have these on their mailboxes, in several colors.
  • Purple petunias too.  I like petunias.  I like anything that blooms, especially if I don't have to do much.  I did not inherit my mother's fondness for gardening, so I have few flowers in my yard.  I wish I liked to garden.  Mom's a Master Gardener.  (When she was in the Master Gardener class, we all referred to it as Massah G.)  I don't like getting dirty, so I ain't no Massah G.
  • Still crocheting to beat the band.  I'm digging this simple waffle weave dishcloth pattern.  My mother did not inherit the gene for doing hand work - it skipped over her and landed on me.
  • Why is it that the same size skein of this cotton yarn, same brand, crocheted with the same hook and tension and the same pattern, finishes up in different sizes?  It's a mystery.
  • The dog is now spayed.  No more puppies!  She's now itching at her incision, but recovering nicely.  She'll be a happier dog.  Moe is sad.  He wanted more puppies.  Not me!
  • I think I'm getting another flair-up of shingles.  Ugh.  I don't get many lesions.  I get the deep, piercing muscle pain; my right shoulder is killing me.
  • I crave sleep.  When it's almost morning, my dumb white kitty jumps on me and dances on my hip with her happy little needle claws of joy.  Why me?  Why not DH?  Also a mystery.
  • School is out a week from Friday. HELP!

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    I've been in a blue mood too--been noticing these blue flowers in a few gardens...must find their name so I can obtain some for mine...If your massa G was closer, I bet she'd tell me!