Monday, May 17, 2010

Random Monday

Kinda overcast today.

I was out perusing the 'net, and came across this lovely collection of beaded beauty.  It's a fundraiser for curing colorectal cancer.  Really beautiful and inspiring.

I am working on knitting caps.  My church is sponsoring a local elementary school, the poorest in our county, and we are determined to make a cap for every child there.  (We're doing more tangible things too - like providing school supplies and mentors and backpacks full of food for kids to take home on the weekend.  These are very, very poor kids.)  It's good to for the kids have something warm that just theirs, not a hand-me-down or a cast-off.  And it makes ME feel good to help.

Three recent viewings of weird hair and no good pictures to speak of.  First viewing - African-American woman with a very elaborate braided 'do.  Said 'do was braided close to the head and two toned, with stripes of auburn and black hair (4 braids per stripe) swirling over her head.  Must have cost her a bundle.  I couldn't look away.

Second weird hair, seen on the train last week, a white woman whose hair must be originally solid gray. She had died her hair jet black. Nothing strange here - except that it had been a LONG time since she had done any touch up to the dye job, resulting in a 2 inch skunk stripe running down the middle of her head.  (This is one reason I Do Not Dye.  It requires much upkeep.)

the skunk haired lady is looking down in the middle
Third weird hair, seen in the waiting room of my internist's office.  A white lady there who looked to be about my age and her hair appeared to be light gray, in a short cut appropriate to her age.  Then I looked again.  All the front of her hair was gray.  The back half was jet black.  I'm not sure if she had a mega-version of the white patch that some folks had, but the division in hair color went over her head from ear to ear.  It almost looked like she was wearing a furry black hat, perched on the back of her head.

(Curly thinks I am bad for noticing these things.  I can't help it!)

I also saw another African American woman, young and cute with a sweet short haircut, who had dyed a lemon yellow swoosh of a stripe in her bangs.  Why?  People - if it's not a color known in nature, stay away from the dye bottle!

Since I've been crocheting, I got a wild hair and tried to do some crochet with tatting thread.  Maybe it's my crochet hook, but I could not make a granny square with Lizbeth size 20 to save my neck.


  1. How random that you found two examples of white "wild hair" to share with us. (and a yellow swooshy swirl). We live in interesting times.

  2. Hair! Such an interesting topic. Our hair really does SAY who we are, doesn't it? I have almost always worn mine really short. I sometimes try to let it grow, but I can't handle it, so I cut it again. If we have brown we want blond. If we have straight we want curly, etc... I guess those folks who really want to stand out for whatever reason are the ones you are finding to photograph. I wonder if they are the ones with the lowest self esteem and are trying to compensate by doing weird stuff with their hair. Or are they the ones who just don't give a d_____?

  3. Two toned hair always freaks me out. It looks like a mistake--even when it's intentional!
    I don't dye mine, haven't for years.
    I love that your church is doing that. Exactly what God commands, right?

  4. LOL! I love to people watch and I appreciate those who dare to do what I won't. I'd rather have colorful clothes than hair, but I do highlight my hair and my daughter does it with a kit - not much to it. Most of the time it looks good. Sometimes we overdo it, but it grows.

    To crochet with thread, you need a finer hook. What do you use for your tatting joins? If you have a fine hook that you're using for that, you could try it with the thread. For size 20 Lizbeth, you probably need to go down to size 10 or so hook to get good results. Anything bigger is going to produce large loops that don't really even look lacy.

    A thread granny square makes a lovely butterfly when pinched in the middle!

    And how long is your knitting project going on? I have yarn here I need to do something with.