Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Braced for it

I have a delay in doing handwork or doing much of anything. My wrist was hurting, so today I went to the orthopedist and saw the hand guy. This is how I'm working now.

I ended up with a diagnosis of tendinitis, along with a shot of cortisone and a different brace. The hand doc also told me I have an anatomical anomaly, because it didn't hurt when he had me tuck my right thumb down into my wrist and squeeze. I guess for tendinitis there, tucking your thumb in hurts most folks. Not me.

Dr Hand was interested in my tatting, since I listed it as a hobby.  He had me demonstrate, and had me slow down so he could see how to make a ring.  

Unfortunately, I can't do much with this brace, since it encloses my thumb.  It's hard to drive, too.  So I'm going back to reading.  No tatting for a few days.  And ibuprofen is my friend right now.

The bad kitten sleeps a lot, and he's mighty cute then.  When he gets up on me, he purrs loud like a motorboat.  Then he bites me.



  1. Wow! That's quite a wrist corset you're sporting there! Hope you enjoy some good reading and a ready stock of ibuprofen and that you are mended soon!
    :) Ann

  2. Poor you, and especially after receiving all those goodies not being able to use them. Still catch up with your reading and relax, let someone else to the work!!!

  3. Make sure you take things easy for a while!! Seeing that you can not make lace, maybe you would like to read about lace. I really enjoyed this novel by Heather Barbieri called The Lace Makers of Glenmara. Take care.

  4. Congrats on winning the contest! I'm sorry your arm is on sad for you.

  5. i'm so sorry about your wrist!!!! take care of yourself!!!!

  6. ooooo, sympathy coming your way. Rest it,rest it, rest it.