Sunday, June 6, 2010

The latest from chez Crazy

Here's some of what I've been doing.

I finished a cap for the school.  This is sort of sad.  Knitting is not my strong suit.

I'm crocheting place mats, using Lily's cotton Sugar 'n Cream yarn.  These may be for me - or for my mom.  She loves place mats, and uses them all the time.  I'm kinda diggin' these.

I'm waiting on an order of size 10 Lizbeth from Handy Hands so that I can start my TAT Apprentice project.  I ordered some more size 20 Lizbeth (like I really need more!) and some more Sew Mate shuttles, my current favorites.

Also, this has been taking up some of my time.  My old, old, old desktop PC finally died on me.  I've mostly been using my work laptop, but I've nursed this baby along for a really long time.  (I got it in 2002.  I wasn't kidding - it's old, for a computer.) The only decent printer in the house was attached to this PC, so I had to do something.  So I got with my brother, who works for Microsoft and gets a discount on HP machines.

This is what I got - Larry set this up for me while I was at church.  I've got my old but decent laser printer attached and working and my wi-fi is hooked up.  I'm good for some time!

In other news, Larry has gotten a promotion at work and Curly continues to take his medicine.  He has an appointment with his psychiatrist tomorrow, first one in months.  Moe is going to 2 weeks of a school system day camp, then off to boy scout camp for a week.  I'm really busy at my job, but that is normal.  DH has lost his mind and is running for state office.  I'm trying not to think about this.  He's done this before - he has zero chances of winning, since he's not running with a major party.

Oh, and Curly has adopted a kitten.  I've said no more pets.  Not sure what will happen with her - but she is very cute.


  1. It sounds like things are going well for you! My husband used to think he wanted to be in politics, but thank goodness he never did run for anything. We live in a small town, and county though where he is pretty well known and people keep asking him. It scares me. I really don't know why I have such an aversion to the idea, but I do. It's probably because my grandfather was a politician and I heard such wild tales about what it was like back in his day.
    The kitten is cute, but I'm with you, no more pets after our 19 year old cat is gone.
    Thank goodness things are going well with Curly. It sounds like Moe is having a busy summer.

  2. glad things are going well with curly. they say a animal that needs love and care is good for people with health problems.

  3. hey, I've started a new blog. I posted about it and left a link to it. It's going to be ramblings about the craziness in my mind because of the craziness in my mom's mind. I'm calling it Baby Girl's Observations.

  4. Whoa--that's a LOT of excitement in your neck of the woods! Running for office? A kitten? New computer? Promotion? Good grief!
    I love that shade of green and I'd totally wear that cap--you did well for not knitting.

  5. For the most part these are refreshing changes for you!

    Really sweet kitty (might be a good thing, although I understand your frustration), and REALLY love the computer! I very much want one of those flat monitors! Gorgeous! I do have a nice laptop, though, and my desktop computer is still hanging in there.

    The knitted cap looks fine to me! Your stitches look just right.
    And the crocheted mat is nice, too. I'm amazed you have time for any of these projects, although I know that they are also stress relievers.

    So glad the graduation is behind you (and Curly, of course). Possibly a corner has been turned.
    Also, congrats to Larry.

    Don't know what to think about the politics thing. That's a whole other world to me.

    Hope you get a chance to 'relax' for awhile.