Monday, June 28, 2010

Love and hate

Things I am enjoying:

Reading Steig Larsson. I just finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and have started The Girl Who Played With Fire. Marvelous. I'm not a pop fiction fan, and I think these will hold up, much in the vein of John le Carre.

Air conditioning in this dreadful heat. It's been 90+ F for days and days and days. Thank you Mr. Carrier - you helped civilize the South.

Moe's return from Boy Scout camp. I retrieved him Saturday afternoon, stinky, unwashed, and happy. I made him strip in the laundry room. He was wearing some moccasinc he had made. He was also in possession of a large number of blisters on his feet and ankles, the result of not wearing socks for several days.

The blisters look much better now that he is away from the filth. And he has hugged me over and over again. Moe is a good boy.

This summer's comfy sandals. Lots of room for my toes to wiggle, and kinda cute too!

Reading Dick Cavette's columns in the New York Times. I lurve Dick. I used to love watching his show as a kid. And his columns are sooo wonderful. Mr Cavette is sublimely erudite and urbane without being condescending. And he's damn entertaining too.

Things I am NOT enjoying:

The Damn Heat. Jeez. 'Nuff said.

The fact that my thighs and calfs are covered in dozens of little tiny scratches, courtesy of That Bad Kitten, Vader/Sylvester/Demon Spawn. He is fierce. I have several loaded water pistols stashed around the house to ward off the attacks. Fortunately, said Bad Kitten doesn't seem to be dumb and may be trainable. But he is persistant.

I has an owie. My right wrist has been hurted. I think it is a repetative stress injury related to too much use of computer key boards and mice without proper wrist support. Started bothering me on Friday, after I had spent most of the week deploying all these stupid tablet PCs. I gave up and put the wrist guard on yesterday, had to sleep in it.  Ouch.  I does not like it.

What are you enjoying - or hating?


  1. What do I love these days? I'm lurving your BLOG, C-Mom. You're cute and fun.
    Glad that Moe had a good experience at camp and that he's safe and sound at home. Cute moccasins...the talent does not stop at you -- isn't that great?

  2. LOL! I expect Atlanta to be in the 90's in June/July. I do NOT expect Indiana to be that hot in June but it has been...90's for days on end. All I have is a little window AC that is about 15 years old. Keeps plugging away, thankfully.

  3. What I'm hating - the blasted, constant, unending HEAT! We're seeing days where the thermometer tops 98, and the heat index tops 102. YIKES! We kind of expect this in late July to mid August, but this heat started at the end of May!

    What I'm enjoying - that dandy little Sharp A/C window unit in my bedroom! It makes sleep possible.

  4. hating all the little jobs that have been left for me to do while i was of sick for 8 weeks at work.
    loving the post, new tat book yesterday, today learnt i had won ring of tatters competition so i have a new shuttle.

  5. I have this image of you sitting with a squirt pistol at your side while you type!
    Glad your kid had fun at camp and your sandals ARE cute.
    Those books were SO good--I didn't read the 3rd one yet, though.

  6. I read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and really liked it. I have the second book, but haven't read it.
    I'm actually enjoying the 90+
    temps. I feel better when it's hot.
    I'm enjoying strawberries and wrap sandwiches.

  7. First of all, I'm amazed you have time to read at all! It's all I can do just reading the blogs - and I always seek yours out - but I see I've missed a few posts! You even posted on the Thread Exchange, and I wrote a little comment to you over there, about the Donna Reed (not "Beaver") photo!

    I'm laughing about the water pistol, too! You certainly have your adventures!

    I cringed when I saw the wrist support. Brings back memories of breaking both my wrists in 2002 while ice skating (age 58). Almost wiped out all my hobbies! (I posted about it in Feb of 2009 - I was VERY lucky to heal from that.) However, I DO have some arthritis now and worry about aggravating the right wrist by over-use of the mouse, and get twinges now and then! So - be careful!

    Cool moccasins, Moe! And cool sandals! I'd have to have a complete pedicure before I showed MY feet these days!