Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? I've got one playing over and over. Argh.

I took Curly to see the doctor on Monday, and on the way back he wanted to listen to the latest Glee album. As you know, the Stooges and I are serious Gleeks. We lurve Glee. I sing along with most of the songs on the show.  But some songs they sing are ones I don't know, like the Lady Gaga ones, just because I'm older and I don't listen to current pop radio.

But I'll be damned. I've got a Lady Gaga song stuck in my head. And I like it.

It's fun. I played it several times on the way home.

It's catchy. Weird, but catchy.

Speaking of weird, did you see this article about Think Geek getting sued?  Every year, Think Geek creates a fake product or two for April Fool's Day.  It seems that the National Pork Council is suing them over one of these, as it claimed to be "The New White Meat".

The Think Geek product made me worry about Charlie.

Poor Charlie.

Work has slowed down a smidgen. And I'm starting to get into vacation mode. No motivation. I want to be lazy, like a cat. Sleepy.

And here's Curly's little kitten, now known as Vader. (I still like the name Mr. Mittens.  Or Demon Spawn) He likes to curl up on me and lick my face before he goes to sleep. Then he wakes up and bites me.



  1. I usually get some really annoying tune in my head. I've not been on the computer much this week so I may have missed some posts. I'll try to catch up. It's been a rough week for my mom.

  2. Vader. Love it. And that Glee interp. of Gaga is SO FIERCE!
    We Gleeks need a common sign like the Trekkies have.
    That lawsuit is ridiculous. Shame!

  3. Gotta say, I'm right with you in the Glee swoon fest. I thought the glee episode was so well done. The other song(s) that stuck were "Tell Me Something Good" (loved the whole funk episode!) and of "Don't Stop Believin'"