Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer pretties

Some summer eye candy.

Lilies and roses in a neighbor's yard.

Crepe myrtles are blooming all over. This is just one of the colors they come in.

A pasture I pass daily. This painted mare and her foal foal frolic here.  I love to see them!

I had a kick-ass day at work today.  I mean, I busted my tail.  A lot of work got done.  I'm quite pleased with myself for the amount I got accomplished in deploying 25 laptops.  I don't do hardware as a rule, but this had to be individually to get the setup for the software right.  I'm usually a big system gal, so this was a stretch for me.

Of course, I'm doing this with tons of little tiny scratches from the Bad Kitten, who now may be called Vader.  Vader's claws should be registered weapon.

And now for something completely different...

Am I the only person who finds something really hilarious about these side effects for this drugs to, um, enhance a guy's junk in the moment of passion?  I keep seeing ads for this drug, and these side effects are prominently mentioned.

I know.  I'm warped. I can't help myself.  Of course, this article may prove me right.

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