Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good and bad

Good things:

Larry has gotten promoted at work and has started in his new job. He is now supervising 3 guys, most of whom are older than he is. Plus he's ordering all the frozen goods for this big grocery store. I'm proud of him for stepping up on a a job that could have been a part time crappy thing, and he's making something of it. This isn't what he's planning to do long term, but he's really working hard at this.

Larry had another good thing happen. He finally got his national crime report which he's been waiting on since early December, and now he can finally go an get his state EMT license. He has his national license, but had to have the state one (which required the crime report) to even apply for a job. So he'll get his state license this week. He's hoping to get work as an EMT at a huge hospital in downtown Hotlanta.

Moe is gone for the week. He left this morning.

He's off with his boy scout troup, gone off the residence camp in North GA. He's been there 2 years before and he's always had a good time. I don't think he'll shower the whole time he's there. But he'll have fun....

And bad:

Curly has not been doing his chores, and DH has immobilized his scooter. Puts a damper in Curly's social life. All Curly needs to do to get the chain off is do what' he's supposed to do.  Wish I could light a fire under that boy.

Oh - and today I made a hilarious discovery. Curly's kitten Zelda was wrestling with my hand and she flipped over. It was then I spied that she had a little something extra - she's a he! Now the boys are trying to figure out a good name for him. DH is suggesting we go from Zelda to Zeldar.  Curly wants Mr. Mittens.  What do you think?



  1. When I shared the story with my husband, he said one word..."Zed." LOL. Will Curly get to make the final decision?

  2. Well, it IS Curly's Cat! Mr. Mittens sounds good to me! Hope he gets his chores done!
    Happy Father's Day to the Man of the House! :D
    ~TattingChic ♥

  3. Congrats on hub's promotion! Scouting is such a great organization. I was a GS for many years and even a leader when my girls were little.
    Maybe Curly will wake up and figure life out soon.
    Funny about Zelda. I like Zeldar

  4. Totally looks like a Zeldar to me.
    Want to trade kids? Mine are driving me NUTS today.