Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekend resting

We are trying to have a quiet weekend, at least that's my goal.  I had a rough week at work, but that's over now.  Sophie woke me up this morning by dancing her happy dance of needle clawed joy on me.  Ow!

Things are growing in my yard.  I can't claim much credit here.  I plant things and walk away.

I have hostas, monkey grass, and a butterfly bush in a bed in my front yard.

The butterfly bush gets really large - over 10 feet.  I cut it back every winter to about 20 inches.  I love my butterfly bush.  It's my kind of plant - flowers with little effort.  The cats love it too - we find dead butterflies they've killed all over the place.

DH is experimenting this year with growing tomatoes in containers, instead of in a garden, where they were neglected.  These cherry tomatoes are on the front porch.  He's got two other container plants on the back deck.  The other tomatoes are regular size, and they look good so far.

This is a big crepe myrtle in the side yard, next to the fig tree.  It's also my kind of plant!

Do you like pins?  I wear a lot of pins - they are such fun to wear (I'm known for my jewelry).  Some are pins I've made, some are antiques, and some are family pieces or things I received as gifts.  I have so many pins that years ago I decided to have some better way to display and store them.  So I got a friend to make me a little display for my pins.

This is a small quilt that a friend did for me.  It's made with a back casing to hang it on a wooden curtain rod.  I love it - and my pins are easily found and out of the way.  As you can tell, I hang various necklaces from the ends of the rod.  It works, don't you think?

In other news, DH did a good thing this week for Curly.  He talked to the local DA's office about the stupid trumped up charge that Curly was arrested on in late winter, and they've agreed to simply drop the charge and expunge it from Curly's record.  This is a huge relief for all of us.  Curly's record is clean and we don't have to deal with the horror of attorneys and court and possible punishment.  God is good.

Still making place mats - almost through though.  And I'm killing off old UFO tatting projects.

How is your weekend?


  1. I love our butterfly bush too. We have to trim it very often though because it grows across the steps up to our front porch. Our crepe mrytles are humongous. Ours are dark pink. Neither our butterfly bush or crepe mrytles are blooming yet. Every thing in our yard blooms later than most everyone else's. I'm guessing it's because the front of our house gets little sunlight. Our hydrangea is just now blooming, but it is sooooo pretty.
    So glad about Curly's clean record.
    Our weekend is okay so far. Going to visit Mother at 1:00. I dread it, yesterday was a BAD day for her. My sister is coming today though and will go at 6:00. My husband and I are going to our friends' house for steaks tonight.
    We went out to eat last night after visiting Mother to celebrate him getting a verbal contract on a house sale!!!!! Yea!!!! It looks as though real estate is picking up again.!

  2. i'm on the sick after knee op. alls going well. today we did shopping early to miss the spend rest morning doing kumohimo. after bacon sandwiches went to see my elder brother receive a silver acorn award for services to the boy scouts (30yrs)not many get this.chinese with sister tonight.looking forward to tomorrow afternoon going to streets alive a craft,french market and street entertainment event in the town centre.husband then cooking dinner lol!!!!!