Monday, July 26, 2010

Lack of motivation - UPDATED

Now I know why I can't get motivated. It's been confirmed in this article - it's too darned hot. Here's a quote:
Psychologists are weighing in, saying the prolonged hot weather has made patients “sluggish,” “unmotivated to do things” and “hemmed in” — which ultimately fosters anxiety.

So it's not in my head. And it's not just me.

At 9:19 in the morning the Hotlanta temperature was a sweltering 81F (that's 27.2 for you Celcius folks). And the heat index is predicted to make it feel as hot as 108 F (42 C) later today. Ugh.

No wonder I don't want to move.

Even the cats are hot.  They don't want to go outside.

The little kitten lays this way on my bathroom floor, getting maximum tile contact with his tummy.

On another note, Curly is behaving badly again. He is refusing to go to scheduled appointments and instead planning to go to some all-day concert today instead. (Yes, outside in this heat. He's nuts.) The appointments have been scheduled for weeks - he informed us about the concert last night. So DH and I gave him a choice - go to his appointments or leave. Curly decided that the concerts were vastly more important than anything else, and left.

Last week, I gave him a trial of being inside (vs. the tent, where he's been), just as an experiment. The rules were: 1) be home by 10 pm, and 2) when I go to bed, he goes to bed and stays there. He bitched and moaned and came home at almost 11 pm. I told him to go to bed and STAY in his room, which he agreed to. I got up the nect morning to find that he was downstairs asleep on the sofa with the TV blaring and glasses, plates, and food everywhere. So that experiment ended.

Here's a secret vice of mine - I have to read the Weddings and Celebrations section of the NY Times every week, mainly for the stories of how people met. I don't know why. Maybe I want to live vicariously through them.

Stay cool...

PS - this is what happens when I get really bored - I play Freecell.

These are the stats on this new computer only - I started playing again last week.  I've played a game or too in my life, eh?


  1. Oh, Curly. Why make them give you the Tough Love Treatment? WHY???

    This heat--it's bad here too. I can smell myself. Ick.

    I like to read obituaries, for similar reasons.

  2. You can buy something rather clever from the pet shop, especially to keep animals cool in hot weather - heat can be very dangerous for them. They sell "koolit" things to tie round the animal's neck - like little thin sausage things which you first put in the freezer. Might be a good idea for your cats, perhaps.
    Since you live in a hot corner of the world, as I do, it's possible your pet shops will have something similar.

  3. It's finally cooler here - I'm sending it your way!