Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shearing and some threads

Not much going on here, just trying to escape the endless heat.  (Summer here will be bloody hot for at least 2 more months.)  All they guys are trying to get cooler, so Curly and Larry buzzed each other's heads last week with the hair clippers.  Thursday, DH asked me to do the same and then Moe wanted his done. Moe insisted on a #2 guard on the clippers, which is mighty short.  He persisted, and here's the results.

Short, isn't it? I told him some of his friends might give him a hard time.  He says it's comfy.

A few weeks ago, I met a friend from my childhood on a trip she made to Hotlanta.  Mrs. A is someone I've known since Junior High.  I used to spend the night at her and we would laugh and giggle and bounce on the bed until I would be gasping with asthma.  I was so pleased to see her at high school reunions - she's a delightful person and she looks great, has a lovely family.  Mrs. A knows I tat, and she picked some things up at a yard sale for me.  She gave them to me when we got together.

Wow!  A huge bag full of thread!  Tons of crochet in many colors, plus some Anchor Perle size 8 and Coats in 20 and 30.  What a nice friend - thank you so much Mrs, A!

Conversation at my house today:

Larry: Mom, did you know they have purple potatoes?
Me: Yes, you cut into them and they're purple
Larry: Why do you need purple potatoes?
Me: People like them. You know they make butter flavored potatoes, right?
Larry: What!!!
Me: Yeah, they're called Yukon Gold.
Larry:  How do they get the to taste buttery? Do they inject them with butter flavoring?
Me: No, they're genetically engineered.
Larry: Oh. So they cross-bread potatoes with cows. Heh.



  1. Has Larry had blue corn yet? I'm told it's good, but I haven't tasted it - my mom wouldn't let me eat navy blue food.

  2. He is so funny... LOL!
    Fox : )

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  4. Congratulations on winning a pop-a-bobbin shuttle, please can you give me your address?!!!

  5. They must cross-breed cows with cocoa beans to make chocolate milk then. Hee.