Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Killer sidewalk

I spent today at home recovering from not one but two falls. I'm more than a bit of a klutz, but this was more than the usual fun.

On Saturday, DH and I went to see a movie. I feel going up the stairs of the dark theater, bashing my knees on the concrete and my chest on the next step up. It completely knocked the wind out of me, and I lay there gasping for air. That's where I think I cracked my rib. Or maybe two ribs. We watched the movie (Dinner for Schmucks - it was cute), and I assured DH I did not need to go to the ER. Besides, with a cracked rib there's nothing a doctor can do. So I went home and dosed myself with ibuprofen.

Monday afternoon, I was heading to a meeting at my company's headquarters when I tripped over an uneven section of the sidewalk. I went down hard. Ugh. My knees again, and my wrists and palms. I went to my meeting and decided to call it a day.

(Two years ago, I tripped on sidewalk just across the street from where I fell on Monday. That time I broke my right wrist.)

So I've now got these ungodly bruises on my knees and wrists. I was wearing a bright blue t-shirt, and Moe thought my wrist bruises matched my shirt. And oh how my side hurts....

Hence the day working from home. I didn't want to risk the sidewalk today. It has it in for me, I know it.

I promise - my middle name is NOT Grace.

Another bad thing - I was tatting something and was almost finished, when I realized that waaaayyy back in the tatting, I had twisted a chain on joining. Too far in to fix. Damn. I have to start over. Grr.

A good thing - I found these darling thread winders to print out! Aren't they cute?  I think TTE needs these.

Speaking of cute....


  1. Those sidewalks have got it in for you haven't they? Hope you mend up quickly.
    I never mastered tatting though I do admire it. A very pretty craft.

  2. OUCH!!! You poor thing. Hope you are soon on the mend.

  3. Look after yourself! - I love that bad kitten, he's doing a good job of keeping you company, isn't he!

  4. Poor you! It must be some weird star and planet thing - Last few days events: I had my car break down and had to be towed, bumped my head so hard the goose egg is still there four days later and broke my glasses! It hasn't been fun! So, I commiserate. I won't even get into what happened on the tatting front....
    Fox : )

  5. Sidewalks are EVIL! At least you didn't replicate my faceplant and break your nose!

    I hope your boo-boos heal quickly

  6. You poor klutzy thing! Feel better!

  7. Those ARE cute--even that cat all crunched in the bowl!
    Have you considered padding yourself in toilet paper like in those old commercials?